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As long as you have oil people running the country, you are gonna have high prices.

Numerous processing plants have been shut down and none built in over 15yrs.

There is no shortage of oil.  They just don't have the capacity to refine it, but that

is by design so they can gouge us on the price.  The oil companies are making record profits.

:angry5: :angry5: :angry5:

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I miss the days when you could get a gallon of gas for 89-99 cents .... how low can you guys remember it being....

I can remember when it was about .15 cents per gal. and you had to hand pump it

That was in the late 40's.  Good ole days before air conditioning.s

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;) I remember gas at 19 cents a gallon that I pumped at my Dad's "service station" we also cleaned the windows checked the oil and air in the tires.....no body hardly ever got 5 buck worth. I think ppl were making about $1.00 an hour....... A hundred bucks a week was big money........ the only thing that doesn't change is change....... I remember my Grandmother saying one time"OMG a loaf of bread cost a dollar ..... I remember when It cost a dime"......it pissed my Dad off and he said " the difference is Ma when it cost a dime 4a loaf of bread you couldn't
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When I first started to drive, '68, gas was about a quarter a gallon, 32 cents for Sunoco 260. There were oiften gas wars between the stations in our town outside of Pittsburgh. You could get it as low as 15 to 18 cents. I worked at gas stations part time when I was in high school. Most people would pull in for 'a dollar's worth'. What's that now; .4878 gallon of gas

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