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good hd to buy

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well after reading the memory help thread i got the idea that i needed to buy myself a new hd and i do.......mine is not even a 20gb hd because it was once just an office pc..... so does anyone have any good ideas that tell me which brands or sizes to buy........i am mainly going to sotre only one game (most likely) and have alot of music and a few movies and a whole bunch of pics......what size is good do you think....i was thinking min. 40gb and max 80gb since all i am limited to is walmart.... :angry2: :angry2: :angry2::angry3:

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Well, you always have the choice of ordering online.

I would go with at least 80GB, since they are quite cheap now.

Here is a link to NewEgg.com, all these are under $70, with like $2.99 shipping. Most are better deal than WalMArt.


(I know, huge link, but it narrows the search)

And Wal Mart's, looking like $69.96 for the WD, same is $55 + Shipping $2.99 + Taxes (?) for Newegg.

Few bucks more at Wal Mart if you don't want to wait.


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I'd suggest either Seagate or Maxtor. I've had problems with Western Digital, Samsung, and Quantum Drives.

You know, I have 1 Seagate (original), and I bought the $52 Western Digital as a second drive a few months ago.(Both 80GB)

The new WD does make funky noises on occasion like it is having trouble starting.

I think I am going to have to agree with you, Seagate = No Probs, WD = funky noises.

Go Seagate or Maxtor - I'm converted.....

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  I have a 40gig internal and 80 gig external and they are both western digital and no problems or noises! I do need a new one now because they are all full lol. So I am looking at getting a 200gig western ditigal from http://pcclub.com for $100 or $120 for IDE witch is all I have. So I am thinking of getting one already asked parents to get it for me on my bday we will see. By the way my bday is next month I guess I need to change my profile to show that. I will be 19 my bday is one july 23.

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I'm sure any manufacture can have their own problems with certain drives.

I'm sure delivery has alot to do with the quality of the end product, I've seen many packages treated the same as the Samsonite Gorilla treated the luggage in the old commercials (that dates me a little).

I can't say that I have ever had any HD go bad on me, just that my newest WD is a little noisy; It works fine, though.

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I preferred Maxtor than Seagate. I always had bad sectors with Seagate :angry2: I used to be Quantum fan till they merged with Maxtor. Never had problem with Maxtor. If you are a hardcore gamer then i suggest hdd with 7200 rpm. Right now i use TViX to store my movies and musics, 2 40 Gigs Maxtor for applications and games  :D If you're on a tight budget buy 5400 rpm instead 7200 rpm. Xp really take lots of space and RAM so 40 Gigs minimal...i guess  :)

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