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Cable Test (54492 kbps)


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optimum online @ 55/55 ?  Sorry, not buying it :(

Somethings obviously wrong, since its taking so long to transfer you thru the tests, somethings getting cached and zipped thru quickly.  :?  Dunno man, its nice speeds, but undoubtedly not true. Cable is like 50/30 max on docsis 2 i believe ( correct me if I'm wrong)

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I can't play the media file you attached... anyway, almost all false results will be fixed with the new patch I am currently scripting, little behind schedule because I was sick last week... but it should be applied fairly soon ;-) --- you will know when it's in place :-D

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I've attached a copy of the video for all to see.

Like .s1 stated, something is getting cached during the long pause.

That is causing the results to just zip across.

Nyforever, if you want to see if those speeds are accurate, download this: [ftp=ftp://ftp1.optonline.net/pub/test64]ftp://ftp1.optonline.net/pub/test64[/ftp]

This is the OOL FTP test. Scroll to Step 4 to observe.

It's has a very fast ftp transfer with low latency. Allow the file to complete using Windows download manager (no accelerators like DAP, Get Right), and post a screenshot of the results. Don't forget to uncheck the box that closes the results upon completion. It will tell you your average transfer speed.

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