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  1. I am with zalternate on Avast. I used Norton (huge mistake). Then used AVG for several years. One day I went ahead and switched to Avast, been smiling ever since. And like Zalternate said, free. If you insist on getting rid of some money though, I'd go for the Kaspersky. best paid Anti virus out there. But Avast will do the job fine really. Its your money.
  2. This one is great and gets rid of a lot of crap. http://www.superantispyware.com/?tag=GOOGLE-SUPERANTISPYWARE Malware! http://download.cnet.com/Emsisoft-Anti-Malware/3000-2239_4-10292236.html?part=dl-6251182&subj=dl&tag=button
  3. Darwin idiots don't work just one day a year. Its a 24/ 7 /365 job.
  4. Thanks bro, and the same to all others likewise.
  5. WOW. Which OS were you on before? Vista?
  6. If you want light IE6 was fast. IMO of course. I had good luck with it anyway. And gonna try that defrag. So far M/S has been the best in the end and already there anyway.
  7. Glad I don't own one of those dinosaur furnace's anymore. A newer furnace would have saved all that trouble.
  8. Idiots, it makes you wonder how some folks get a liscense to do things like that.
  9. If that was the best speeds they could get me, and its no better than on the lower package, I'd demand being put back on the lower package. I mean why pay for crap speeds any more than one has to. IMO of course. And welcome to the foum.
  10. I've got an old member that still works like a new member. Or so I have been lied to that way anyway.
  11. Pretty much like Dlewis said, the sooner you find a problem the eaiser it is to get it fixed. First thing eeryone should do with a new purchase of any kind is run it through its paces. (yes women included ) They sooner you return them the less grief for everyone involved. But wait 30 days and everyone gets used to the idea its yours. Within 24 hours I don't know of anything that is hard to return.
  12. Being a vice sure did though. A ban is a sure fire way to put the brakes on. But then that was when I found some new forums to play in. Other than that I ain't ever gonna change for real as long as I breathe.
  13. Ys it was weird, I was posting and reading along and when I switch pages "zoom" the next page asks would you like to join the forum. I sign back in, nothing lost. And remember ninja, bad carma always visits others. I'm not worried.
  14. Shush your self bro, you put your pants on the same way I do now. I can give you all the shit I want now .......... I guess that hasn't changed that much come to think about it. Well best of luck with that CA3LE thing.
  15. By the way coknuck put shugs post count back the way it ought to be. We know its about 3-4000 over. Thanx momma. Much appreciated. I didn't figure I was just luckly. Hell no bro, not much stops me, just like you. I bet you still blame me for the first kid, I swear we was just swimming that night.
  16. Why not, they still blame me. He has got some interesting stats though.
  17. You mean the first time was not enough? I was posting along and all of a sudden I get a page asks me if I want to join the forum. So I signed back in all ok. Just weird it signed me out like that. Or was it a sign instead. And yes it happ[ened a few others, but did not make note of it really. Just this time. I wonder if shug had something to do with that?
  18. I agree fully, it might help with innitiatives.
  19. It was too skinny for my fat fingers. I kept crashing.
  20. And that right there is 90% of all complaints. I sure new ones would arise if those were fixed, but it would actually make satelite livable for more. And less would run to EVDO when given the chance. For now EVDO is even cheaper besides better service. I did not hesitate when given the chance. I RAN >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>..........................
  21. Maybe a clue as to what your portecting. But personally I have a few forums I get free tech from, and no payments as of yet. It looks real lame for a guarantee and what the charge is. Though if its expensive.... The program for those curious. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Misc/Geek-Squad-Black-Tie-Protection/pcmcat159800050001.c?id=pcmcat159800050001
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