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  1. Thats a whole lot better speeds than when you was on satelite. And if you mean the TMN server I believe its still in Dallas TX.
  2. Good to see you back local peon. Been a while.
  3. I get it trying to post and just go to the next category.
  4. I have been getting this error a lot lately. Just saying I guess in case its important.
  5. Glad to see you again fred. Boy a lot of folks not here in a long time are returning. Kind of strange.
  6. Very nice speeds Naru. And welcome back aboard. Will you be staying long ?
  7. Chocolate rules .......... but my girls did not get any ............. or maybe I just did not see it. Very nice watch CA3LE. So when can I borrow it for a few...... ?
  8. Honestly no not yet. Will give another go. Thanks. Maybe the first two I tried were the first versions.
  9. There you go, can't beat that. I hope my generator always starts.
  10. Swallow your pride ........ or what ever and model and post a pic girl. I wanna see. :shock:
  11. That does sound like a normal Christmas. Weird how that hits most everyone. [karma bro]
  12. There are spammers, and then there are those of few words. I am just usually around for the party.
  13. Now there you go..... Strip Out The Fans, Add 8 Gallons of Cooking Oil !!!
  14. Heck no its not bad for BF Iowa. Looks way better than BF Missouri gets. So what part of Iowa? Almost a neighbor now.
  15. Not me, I prefer longer legs. And only one pair.
  16. FAMILY Clothes, special bible reference book, new ext harddrive, RAM, 24.6 widescreen LCD. Girls rated so much it can't be listed. And a very special friend.
  17. I would put a call in to shaw and get my other 75 megs. Merry christmas.
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