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  1. Just hangin, glad you hopped aboard.
  2. Hey now, I don't drink that much tea. Say I pay my part only since the tea party, and only for what I drank? "DEAL or NO DEAL". By the way does it bring nobility? A title? But honest. I wish I got internet speeds like the average Englishman. No not the 14.4 K dial up part.
  3. Sounds like a great thread. *tiptoes out for not being UK member*
  4. Yep, thats me pretty much, except others talked me in to handles on the newer forums I member. But honestly never seen any problem using my name. Hell I even give out my address and phone number. What the heck, just let me know ahead and I'll have ice tea waiting on you.
  5. If you want to something hilarious. See "Old Dogs". I hurt my sides I laughed so hard. My young daugters loved it too. Robin Williams and John Travolta As to the racism in that, too many people go over board today. Its all pretty much left overs these days. Let it lay folks.
  6. Is that the same as he thought he was hot shit, but the truth was he was only warmed over turds?
  7. My Vista has a download folder setup also.
  8. It doesn't matter if one gets booted these days as long as one can find a comfortable place to do what it is that he does comfortably. Sometimes its a good thing. *grins*
  9. Have you tried this section yet? http://www.testmy.net/t-4257 And instead of the cablenut, I was informed to use the TCP Optimizer instead for EVDO. And much simpler to use. And to the forum famouz1681 Also try a bigger file to use. 512 is not letting it get warmed up.
  10. That works on my Vista box, but seldom on my XP. Maybe it was just my box.
  11. Almost forgot, aboard nerdygrl14. Hope you come back often. Great place here.
  12. Actually with save you have to find it to activate it also. If your gonna use it right away and set it up immediatly its much easier to just run it. But if you just want it for some day, save is fine.
  13. If your on the 10 meg connection, that might be as close as our gonna get. But it never hurts to try if your bored or creative. Have you tried cable nut here?
  14. First off when I started out I wrote long posts also. They have shortened a bit since then. What I started doing (I also had just learned typing* I was new at everything* so I typed so slow it timed out on me often. And if I did research for a post, again timed out. So what I started doing for a while was to do it in notepad and then paste it all at once. Have you tried this read yet? It has helped several with speeds. http://www.testmy.net/t-4257 Did I miss it, or did you post your advertised speeds? If not what are they?
  15. Yes there is, and I see you've been a member since March 26, 2005. So you mostly just speed test?
  16. I have been using xmas for the last year. Its easier to see with. I know, out of date. *chuckles*
  17. That was my favorite part. aboard Doug Huffman. Enjoy your stay.
  18. I am going to take your word for it. Not gonna try it.
  19. And if you can not make a system restore, you may be heavily infected. I suggest safe mode deep cleaning real bad. Restart the computer and hit F8 key in top row till you arrive there. And click on safe mode with networking. And hit it with all the antispyware and malware cleaners you have, and defrag and diskclean after. Then reboot and see if it works.
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