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  1. What type of internet is that anyway? And welcome aboard.
  2. I have to totally agree with that one. Mine is 4 yars old, and all I hear if I really listen hard is the whir of the air from the fan.
  3. Then wouldn't a job be an upgrade?
  4. So go back to the lowest pack. IMO Ok thats what I would do of course. If I can't get better why pay for it. We both know if they wanted to they could give the better speeds and won't. Sat providers are pretty much all the same. Not just wild blue. Its better than dial up, but only till something better comes along. Actually I had very few issues with mine, I had the 500/50 setup direcway, and usually of a late evening got 1030/75 after everyone went to bed, which is when I had the time to be on. Afternoons were sluggish of course. Again best of luck. By the way I did see 3000+ speeds for a few weeks, and why I know they can give better speeds if they so desire. And yes they all oversell. Like I said they are all pretty much the same, Only other temp fix is when they throw up a new bird, and thats only till its over sold once more. Its like a bad habit with them.
  5. dcroc84375 try the 2992 test file instead of the 512. That is not big enough to let the satelite warm up enough for the test. And do you rstart the modem upon getting on the internet? When I was on Direcway/hughes I always restarted my modem and defragged before I did anything else. And kept virus and such cleaned out sometimes daily. Just saying. Not that you did not. Just what I did. Do you have anything running in the background besides that shouldn't? A router perhaps?
  6. Yep, satellite hs been that way for 10+ years so far. I see it has not changed yet, but when new sat go up it improves for a bit. Why several of us went to EVDO as soon as it was available. The possibilities just do not come along as quick as needed. Still satellite will always have a place. Who's the first internet available when a huge disaster arrives? Satellite of course. Who can go anywhere? Satellite. It was ok for a few years (hughes/direcway satellite) but sure glad I got weened off too. Best of luck with that dcroc84375, and welcome to the forum.
  7. Shark hunting in a kayak? Talk about giving the sharks a fair chance, if the sharks only knew it would be like fishing in a barrel. What a bunch of tards.
  8. Yes, that all I ever heard them called either, treble hooks ............. how do I get drug into these things. Ok pic if you please. Wait is that you muddy?
  9. I thought only the lucky guys got those buttons. I couldn't fine them on my first two wives. Seems you say I do and it gets broke.
  10. Thats like a left handed guitar, hardly anyone uses one. So you have yours configured upside down then so the last post is at the top then?
  11. I was told the only difference would be the price of a modem, and a new two year contract. I could do that part for those speeds. But like you said I have to check out the limits of it, I don't ever get fapped. But maybe thats the difference between Verizon and Sprint. Boht are availble here. In fact we also have crickett here too. So enough choices available.
  12. 4G by Sprint is available here now. Can't wait, supposed to be real fast. Gonna try it out in a month or two.
  13. Pretty much like it is in China. Everything is monitored that is written, and what is accessed is only what those in gov't see fit. Lets say Gordon Brown or Blair were in charge of what you were allowed to do on the internet. Woud that be acceptable to the UK?
  14. Only bad part about post your mug ...................... when the youngens make you reallize how old your getting. You sure have grown up EBrown.
  15. Never had much luck with NES working consistently, but my girls love thier SNES. They play it often. Got it cheap on Craigs list. Like $25 or something. By the way, I never figured you for one to have a console for getting in the way on a sideroad with opposite sex company.
  16. You make it sound like a bloated gov't setup. The firt thing I always did upon reformatting XP was to kill all programs in start up except BIG FIX. recomended by most. And as I restarted my new programs that was all that needed in start up really. Yes way over bloated.
  17. Amen, bless them soldiers one and all this holiday season and every other day also. They are why we are free from tyranny.
  18. Are you security and privacy settings on default in your browser? Have you run deep viral etc... scans lately? Defragged and diskcleaned after?
  19. Very true momma and ROM-DOS. Wish I knew where the good ones are hiding. Or old Reso always good for an intellegent argument. And he was usually right.
  20. Sounds like it was well worth it though. Congrats.
  21. .... and for those that don't .................. could have, would have, should have. Now pass that damned dead bird please.
  22. Here's hoping you had a happy birthday, and many more. :'>
  23. I'd say stick with whats paid for as long as it is fast enough for needs. Why make China richer anyway?
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