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  1. Will it cost to try it out ? If so I'd say make sure before spending as we have often found to be the case with hughesnet in the past. IMHO, and glad to see you back.
  2. Keep us posted in case, I am sure it will all work out. And welcome aboard.
  3. I was thinking the same thing. Welcome back tstillery. Long time no see since Iraq I believe. <big hug>
  4. Have you got any speedtests before and after? Just curious, and welcome aboard.
  5. I had the best day this year, wife left early in the day, I took the kiddo's to church, they made me lunch (10 and 12 year old daughters) swam, lots of different activities, limbo, movies at home, just had a blast ............ ....... till the wife arrived about 5 again. But it was worth it.
  6. IE6 was the fastest ever for me. As time goes by all the new ones get more and bloated.
  7. They only have you by the balls on user experience if you pay extra and allow them too. IMHO of course.
  8. There are only two men who sacrificed it all, Jesus and servicemen. They leave the comfort of home, to make sure our enjoyment of the same is not disrupted and give their lives for that belief. :icon_salut: :icon_salut: :icon_salut: Thanks ! ! !
  9. As far as I am concerned the switch from 3G to 4G was a huge upgrade.
  10. I would have to say you finally fully transformed bro. Nice couple of kids there. congrats.
  11. One day they will get down to reasonable pricing. Then I'll want one in the 4T size.
  12. This other hand ........... does it belong to someone cute and available? Ok, maybe cute and willing?
  13. With satelite hard restarts was a daily thing, I don't miss those days with hughes.
  14. IE6 was the lightest and fastest I ever used.
  15. Personally can't stand Apple anything. Especially the things you have to pay to down load songs to. That was the final blow for me. Apple is not used in this house. Too damned expensive. In reality it reminds me of the media and the way they praise Obama. Not all that great but they say they are great anyway. IMO of course. PS .... I love my desktop.
  16. SWEET Knowing me I would have gone for the 8 core anyway. Not that much more in the scheme of things.
  17. I have IE9 Vista, it worked ok for me. IE9 is fine instead of the other browsers. And welcome to the forum cwh803.
  18. I will never stop laughing at those that complain about having 1+ Mbps upload speeds and complain when that is always more than many others D/L speeds. Just had to say that.
  19. Good idea with the set different sizes, that should be very handy. Thanks as always.
  20. IE for me, its always just worked. My favorite was actually IE6, it was the lightest and fastest. But it could have used tabs.
  21. I never change the batteries in my wired keyboard, and since mine is in the basement, it would finally be futal anyway.
  22. Guess not. LMAO. Read lotsof reviews and hope something good comes along like most of hughes customers did. I got EVDO myself finally a few back. Best of luck with it.
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