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  1. I had a husky once had one green and one blue eye. Almost evil looking but otherwise a beautiful dog.
  2. Then move to this side of the pond, problem solved. <wink>
  3. Platters to 8 tracks to cassette ......... You still enjoy it, just not as big a rush as it used to be. More things get higher importance as you get older. Kids and what they are into, whats for lunch, where you gonna vacation this year, etc .......... My big passion was engines and old cars ......... still is but not the only thing in my blood anymore is all.
  4. I like my spam grilled and on toast with mayo.
  5. So like I can stretch most vid players out to full screen, maybe I am missing the point here? Ok I have vista. Not that I'd think that would change it really though. Just saying.
  6. Right, a mans right to hunt should never be gone. I agree. And believe me if I want to kill you I can do as well with a shothgun at any decent range. What I said does not eliminate guns, only concealed and auto ones. Not necesary really. IMHO again of course. If I want a thrill there are guns which have enough kick to make one stagger without those two types to enjoy, if I want to enjoy auto I can easily join the military and use one often when needed ........ and that should be the legal way. If I want to shoot a pistol why not be a cop with a badge and liscense. IMHO again.
  7. Because green cheese and brown lettuce are discusting. So the checker can make change. For different price, quality, and efficiency. To help keep kiddies off the streets at night. So we can fart in it without the wifey complaining. With women in the house that is self explanatory. To kee balance in the solar system. Well maybe on the next pres election we will get it right for once. hard to argue with that one. Wait, that is my soon to be ex wifes job.
  8. I have one question I seldom voice here, why do we need other than guns to hunt with? Except military and police etc ... of course. Pistols and AR-15's are not good to hunt with really.
  9. Welcome aboard, glad to have another Missourian.
  10. Your right, I never noticed after all these years. Who would have thunk that got missed. OH C-A-B-L-E .........
  11. I used hughes satelite for years, and the first problem I saw looking at your tests is the test you are using is way too small. It will give small speeds. Honest. Don't go with less than a 3mb size test. It takes over a mb to just get warmed up. And I have to be honest also, hughes never gave burst speeds in the day. So not sure on that one. And if I am correct boost is usually with D/L ..... no? As far as how does satelite work it flies 20,000 miles up and the same back to make speed. And that is what the lag of satelite is, and unstoppable at any speed. Here is an example. http://transition.fcc.gov/cgb/kidszone/satellite/kidz/how_sats_work.html Also making sure the modem is grounded of static helped a lot, and I did it everytime I turned the computer on, besides disk clean and defrag. Yes daily routine. Hope that helped.
  12. Thanks and welcome aboard from me too usmcwag. You cleaned and defragged? Of course shared bandwidth and halfway around the world, those look pretty good. Just saying is all.
  13. And he had a dream. Proud of him really. He did it his way.
  14. What all is running in the background? Is every unneeded item not on? Just a thought.
  15. Well it did take quite a few hours of hard work, maybe I should slow down and let others catch up. I miss suggy bear, he was the only one to ban me.
  16. Welcome aboard, I'd say I am fairly new too .................. but no doubt someone wouild say that is a huge untruth. Welcome to TMN. PS ........... what are warning points? Never noticed that before and not everyone has them? How do they get earned?
  17. Did you try this one? http://xtendedview.com/computer/windows-8/how-to-set-auto-login-in-windows-8/645/ http://www.forumswindows8.com/tutorials/how-remove-login-password-6037.htm Sometimes .... google actually works. I don't have windows 8 yet, so I hope it works. Let me know. K?
  18. And many more bro. Hope it was a grand one.
  19. Sounds a lot like apple and "You have to D/L your songs from us" crap. Oh well nothing new really.
  20. That sounds like Hughes. always short sheeting someone some how.
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