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  1. One great place for reviews IMO of course. http://www.cnet.com/?tag=hdr%3bbrandnav
  2. That part about blocking sunlight to reduce air conditioning is ok in the south, but up north the heat is more needed. Otherwise a great idea.
  3. Was I the only one that had any fun?
  4. I have avoided church for the last several years because that is where my wife is on sunday. I proclaimed fathers day for me and my two angels. So mom ran off to spend the day with her mommy and I got to spend the whole day with them both, after church took them to their favorite mexican restraunt, then walked the old square and chatted and just had fun being together. Then we came home and played a game of monopoly, which I lost quickly <wink>. Then we played a few rounds of croquet. I did win those though. <laughs> Then finally a great movie "Black Lightening" Russian film with english voices. It was fantastic. We loved and recomend it highly. So yeah, it was a great memorable Fathers day. Hope others did as well.
  5. PHP is still kicking? Good to see you again old friend.
  6. Welcome, I am from the mother land, but 4th generation here. Have an urge to visit there one day. Maybe spend a week doing it.
  7. AMF tried to make motorcycles for a while too. Like that worked. Personally DeWalt does not make that good of tools anyway ................... ok maybe for the occassional homeowner's usage.
  8. CLose but not quite. When will Mac owners get it? If you need a mac they are cool, but if its just for bling, its just not worth it. I phones are cool the same way, there is no way I'm gonna spend that much when a phone that rings, takes messages costs so much less. Not that a needed I phone (or equivalent ) is not good, but only if "NEEDED". Lesson 101 is done. Why get a military 6 X 6 to get to work in the winter, when its only transpo and a half ton 4 X 4 will more than do the job for so much less? (or of course an all wheel drive car) Congrats on the Mac Ca3le.
  9. Any splitters or connections that could have gone bad in between you and the tower? Any possibility of water or moisture in it somewhere? Last but not least any thing might have gotten picked up in it. Virus, malware, etc .... ? Just a few quick thoughts.
  10. I never could get over firefoxes slower speeds to get to the rest. And I am still waiting for chrome to work it all out. IMO of course.
  11. 21 days? Lightweight. I had Total time logged in: 93 days, 6 hours and 8 minutes.
  12. Yep we sure do. Thanks for clearing that up coknuck. I was wondering what she was talking about.
  13. And this needed to be in general forum why? Thanks. And I got it, and it should have said lower class USA, not just detroit. Just another ignorant video.
  14. I doubt a cell phone can even ring without location. But like you say, nothing is private anymore. As to whether or not the info is shared? That be the question.
  15. USA stats. 3,794,101 sq mi area 2010 census 308,745,538 population Canada 3,854,085 sq mi area 34,417,000 population So go to your province Roco, and you'll still be home.
  16. Hoping its always better than the last birthday. https://testmy.net/ipb/uploads/emoticons/default_occasion13.gif' alt='::'> I just thought this cake was cute and humorous.
  17. I love it. Just put in parenthesis's where need be, and problem solved. .
  18. So everyone on dial up gets first place then? Hmmm .... might have to check into a new free dial up account. <joke>
  19. Without notations there is no right answer. Trust me.
  20. They are cute at that age ............... oh yeah, the daughter is too. congratulations.
  21. Thanks for the repost of the answer too. I am sure it will be helpful later for others too. Also welcome to the forum fastshoes
  22. Yep, solar panels and geo-thermal heating and cooling are the wave of the future.
  23. I hear its still better off to be pissed off than pissed on.
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