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  1. they sure changed in the last couple of years then. So by leasing can you leave at the drop of the hat also? If so not sure why everyone one would not go that way. Not being strapped to a contract would be nice. As to those speeds, yes those are nice.
  2. Satelite will always suck unless you just have to have it. IMO No matter the speed there will never be a way to stop signal lag of a 45.000 mile signal journey. You also have to own all your own euipment, which is outdated by them often. So yeah it will always 'suck'.
  3. Had to get me a copy of that, thanks bro.
  4. Just for my own curiousity of course. How s Verizon DSL available, but AT&T's is not? I have always been on dial up, EVDO, or sat. So I just don't know.
  5. Lets see, latency ... satelite. Yep I remember what latency was. That sucks. Hope you get it worked out soon.
  6. You have to wait till they have an opening, then as a waiting endlessly member get picked. Thats about it. I thought about it just before I got EVDO .....
  7. hope Fikester and Bird Fan do not come in here. I personally found the TCP Optimizer best for performance. But those two will insist impossible for satelite uses self hosting systems? Anyway they say its impossible to tweak anything past the DW4000 modem. In their opinions of course.
  8. What do you pay for those speeds? How large is the FAP bucket?
  9. Perfect ................. and AMEN. I hope that was not admitance that I am in anyway considered an old gray haired old geezer ......... even if I am one.
  10. I will be when I get my 4G to replace this 3G setup. Supposed to be smokin in comparison.
  11. Many of us jumped on the EVDO bandwagon.
  12. Same here, but my irish ancestory came from my great grandad. DITTO Absolutely LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT ! ! ! Still the best deal on this planet. Approved by trillions of immigrants.
  13. At the end of the day I look in the mirror ...................................... and I still see an american. So what country are you from then?
  14. Just has not been much to cheer about the last two years. Sorry. I hope it picks up soon also. The USA needs a shot in the arm. For me the thread is never forgotten.
  15. Ah yes, the good old days when CA3LE used to ok the newbies by hand. Thats progress for you. Wait didn't someone say CA3LE's a bot also?
  16. Just an opinion, but if I was paying what they get for Norton, I'd be using Kapersky instead and getting my moneys worth. Norton stinks for me. Glad it works for you. And welcome aboard the forum.
  17. Super antispyware works quite well on stuff like that. http://www.superantispyware.com/
  18. Thats weird, there is supposed to be a new post in here according to the "New Cotent " list. But the "08" is the last post.
  19. I just smile, grin at the cashier and keep walking. Actualy a smart thief wouild keep walking too. Why look like a theif?
  20. What speeds are you supposed to be getting?
  21. Sounds like you definately need to scan in safe mode with networking. http://www.computerhope.com/issues/chsafe.htm Once in there try scanning there, you should pull more of the baddies out. When your done don't forget to defrag and diskclean after.
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