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  1. See if a free 30 day is available, thats what I did with sprint's evdo, and never did turn back after the 30. Any respectable ISP should offer that, that way a free trial run. Best of luck.
  2. I like that food for thought, I will remember that for sure. And I feel I have seen that likewise. Thanks for sharing it.
  3. Sweeeet looking machihnes. As an AMD fan that one is uber cool and a great price no less.
  4. Is it PC to say new years? You mean we don't have to change that one yet? Happy New Year to one and all. <hugs>
  5. What speeds are you actually getting when you do a download?
  6. I don't have that problem on 3G sprint, so no idea. I am totally unlimited so far. No reduction in speeds.
  7. The best fresh start as always is a reformat if possible. I know you knew that. <grins>
  8. That certainly is a big improvement in the last 6 years. Not bad Mtnfolk.
  9. Does it have to include amazon? http://3gstore.com/
  10. Its usuallly just best to enjoy. And not worry I'd say. Not like they are going to take it back.
  11. When I was on Hughes.net mine ran best if I kept it clean constantly. Spyware, defrag, crap cleaner, and grounded including static. I ran 1030's DL with the 6000 modem. Just FYI I guess.
  12. ...... and if that did not work the supers super. Eventually you get someone who will care.
  13. That test is crappy and lies. They have me faster with heavy torrents than I get unhendered on here. What a joke AT&T. I usually pull 1200 but they gave me 1500 pulling a load.
  14. Eventually almost everyone for the most part will change their O/S. Anyone still on ME, 98, etc... There you have it.
  15. Hitler comes to mind if this is true in all ways. Reminds me of Sam Walton, it was a good store while he was at the helm personally. Now look at it. Nothing but a damned money machine.
  16. So am I to ask was Bin Laden, Hitler, Sadam Hussein, Napoleon, or the rest angels? How is it the UK had world domination and even unuly tea taxes? Bullies are every where. Mostly depends at times which side of the fence you are on I suppose. We (the USA ) is usually invited where we went. Maybe we should have not bullied our way into WWII, It would have been so much quieter? <wink>
  17. This commercial was used a time or two before with other stuff. Cant remeber right off who it was though.
  18. It was somewhat accurate for what I have running with 3G. But yes its a bit outdated I am sure, as this thread is.
  19. I wonder why this came up on my "view new content" section. Its certalnly a bit old. No?
  20. Thats cute, thanks biggles. Loved the vid.
  21. I wuvs you anyway. More milky ways are always welcome. And yes we understand women and chocolate.
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