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  1. huh.. that is actually pretty sweet.. I have 2 dead drive sitting here right now.. I might give this a try later this week.. http://www.instructables.com/id/ERQ928O9JKES9J7VEC/ I guess these are the instructions?
  2. Either the CPU is in a thermal event.. so the BIOS could be shutting it down if the CPU is not being cooled enough.. The other possibility is that you cooked the CPU completely... In either situation you should still be able to boot the PC and see the BIOS information. It will just warn you that there is no CPU installed if the CPU is cooked. Speaking of thermal events... I have a 2U server with a XP 2000+ processor in it.. and it just thermal'ed.. The system became unresponsive and then just stopped working and an error was displayed on the ssh console..
  3. huh... that is a really good question.. I don't have the exact technical answer.. but my guess would be that the modem is configured in such a way, through the configuration file that Comcast pushes out, that when you begin to get above 15KB for upload it begin allocating more bandwidth to the upload side of things... The only way to do this would be to pull bandwidth from either bandwidth you are not using or from bandwidth that you are currently using for downloads.. I am sure that there is some type of magic overall bandwidth limit that is set for each individual user/package that prevent you from downloading/uploading at the same time at your max connection speeds.
  4. My guess is that you are being pushed through a proxy.. Do you have to setup any ISP information into IE for your internet to work?? ISPConfig is a ISP management software that among other things can function as a proxy.
  5. I will talk to you tonight.. I have one that will work.
  6. I would say look at the picture if you can.. The contrast ratio is a hard measurement to go by.. Just like in LCD specs, the measurement is based on what and how the manufacturer defines it. It is a lot like the power rankings in the power supply industry.
  7. It is going to be close to get that in time... I have a few friends that ordered the new inspiron and love it. One has the black casw cover and the other has ruby red. I myself had an Inspiron 8600, my brother has a 6000 and I now have a latitude D830. The only thing that I would warn you of are the cases that the laptops come in. Dell uses all plastic cases on the Inspiron lines, as does most of the other name brand manufacturers, which in my opinion after a while make the laptop feel cheap. The reason that I went with the Latitude was for medal chassis, instead of plastic, that the it uses. If you are into gaming the I wuld check out the XPS line of stuff. Since you basically have a gaming system spec'ed out and you are using a discount program it might be a good idea to see what one of those would eun you in compairison to the Inspiron. As far as the Intel vs Amd battle, Intel all the way. Their power management is superior is ever way.
  8. Swimmer


    Is this on a windows machine or a linux based one? If it is a linux one then I would try installing from source instead of istalling via RPM.
  9. Why the exclusion of Amd? For $500 you should be able to build someting fairly decent.. It might be cheaper to build an Amd system that would be based on the X2 processor, which was the first dual core processor, and is very close to the performance to an Intel system.
  10. Glad everyting is finallt moved around to where it should be.. The site seems more responsive as a whole, which is always good.
  11. Huh.. that is to bad.. i guess it was time though.. I the market is truly moving to a network as a platform kinda of world then Cisco knows what it is doing.. Wonder what the others are doing about this..
  12. Depends on what your laptop supports.. WPA pre-shared key is fine for the standard home user..
  13. The only reason that they don't list Vista is because they have software to activate your account.. I have Insight up here in West Lafayette, IN and I don't require software.. However, my next door neighbor has some software service activator crap.. It also include a diagnostic tool.. I don't think they ship this anymore because from what I remember about the actual layout is that there is a mention of the @home network, which was dissolved in late 99-00..
  14. I know that some buffalo models are supported.. here is the offical list of everything that is currently supports by the DD-WRT team.. http://www.dd-wrt.com/wiki/index.php/Supported_Devices#List_of_all_supported_routers The signal boost is done through the radio on the router.. Linksys can't offer to boost the signal because the FCC has governed how powerful the device can be. But with DD-WRT you are about to boost the signal and get the additional channels that are only available in Europe and the rest of the world.
  15. As of late 2005 - early 2006, the last time that Linksys has rebates on their stuff, that was when the move from the v4 to the now v5-v8 which are harder to put the firmware on but still possible with either using jtag cables or vxworks.. The only model that I know of for sure that does not allow a third part firmware is the v7 model which has a completely different chipset based on the Atheros chipset instead of broadcom.. Finding a pre-v5 router is basically impossible in any of the large retail stores.. You might, if you are lucky, be able to find one in a local mom/pop shop. The WRT54GL is linux based.. However, the lovely tech's at Linksys locked the upload image size to either 3-4mb.. Which makes it hard to put third-party firmware on.. However, DD-WRT does offer a mini version that then corrects this issue and then at that point you are able to upload a standard version of their firmware.
  16. I believe that is part of power management built into the OS.. Dell, for example, also has QuickSet which monitors the battery to see if it is being used or if the computer is running from AC power.. Then QuickSet selects, based on some pre-defined schemes, the best scheme for what you are trying to do with the computer.. However, there is also hardware versions of this.. Intel and AMD have speed stepping capabilities. Which means based on the usage of the computer, the PC and actually cut power to parts of the processor, thereby reducing the overall speed but at the same time reducing the overall power consumption. Intel, with it Centrino platform, also is able to adjust the front side bus speed and a few other things that make it more attractive to the mobile user.
  17. You should have no problems with using the router.. As long as you it is configured correctly..
  18. Yeah.. which is why, depending on what is damaged, the repair utility for XP will have two entries for the same OS on the boot.ini file. and make you choose one before the system boots.
  19. Just- hit it on the head.. The router is programmed to drop all ICMP to it to improve performance of the router. Doing this also provides some protection to the router itself in that it becomes much harder to perform a DoS attack against it. Again the latency is part of the technology.. Using a wireless based technology as your connection type, is going to increase the latency of your connection. There is no way to combat this from your end and ATT isnt going to be able to anything about it either.
  20. $399 laptop is pretty easy to find.. However, unless you do a custom build with dell, and maybe hp, you are going to get stuck with Vista. If you want Xp you are either going to have to hit up ebay, which isnt a bad thing, oe find a copy some other way.
  21. I guess it is possible.. If you are on a newer node with their powerboost it could see it lasting for more than 12mb..
  22. I know Canon has a really good one.. There was one that I used about 4-5 years ago for making VR scenes.. I will have to search my hard drive and see if I still have it.
  23. http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/sw/secursw/ps1018/products_tech_note09186a00800a5b9a.shtml#standacl
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