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  1. What is your Time Warner plan upload and download speed max that they sold to you? where are you located?
  2. TestMy has tons of bandwidth. I remember the owner telling someone it would handle many times more than the highest peak load of users he's ever seen. im not a PC guy, so I couldn't tell you if the computer or browser you have has any impact.
  3. Sometimes if you expand the date range to 20 or 60 days and hit Results, then set the date range back to 1 or 2 days, the Show Max option in the table shows up. @CA3LE the option to Show Max in Results doesn't show up when you select one day and update the results table. If you then go to 30 days, and select Show Max, hit Update, then set it to 1 day and hit Update, the Show Max stays.
  4. I get pretty consistent speed for much of the day. At times though, I see large variations but they last only a short time. It's not necessarily just your ISP causing the variation because testing over hundreds of miles involves a lot more hardware and software that the ISP doesn't control directly. The ISP though can help sometimes by switching you from one of their channels to another. Not sure about those details, but the ISP is supposed to help you if the issue cause you problems. My plan max speeds are only 60/5 compared to your much higher speeds. It may be more likely that more variation occurs on your higher speeds just because it's harder to maintain that on today's internet.
  5. There's a pop up button just above the table that selects the number of points. If it shows only 25 points, go to the top of the graph. On the right side there is a field to enter the number of days. Put a bigger number in that field until "show max" appears. from your data, it looks like you had a significant drop off of speed from about 11 to 6 Kbps.
  6. Post your speeds tested here with the TestMy tools. The OOKLA test numbers don't really tell you your internet speeds. Go to the Extras tab above on this page and ready why.
  7. Your TestMy speeds of what you're really getting is only 35 Mbps.
  8. Odd that for frequency, it's Hz, kHz, MHz and GHz. Only the "k" is lower case. The "H" in Hz is upper case because it's derived from a man's name: Hertz. the rules in the standards are suffocatingly detailed
  9. Try using the TestMy New York test server instead of Dallas. See if you get more consistent results. It shouldn't really make that much difference.
  10. See if any of your friends or co-workers are using Comecon Cable and having similar problems. Perhaps bring your computer to their place and see if it behaves the same there as at your place. If it does and theirs doesn't behave like yours, something would be out of whack in the computer. If theirs and yours behave the same, then there's some more ammunition for a discussion with the ISP.
  11. Spectrum (Time Warner Cincinnati) is doing good for me. 60/5 plan and I'm getting 70 down and 4.7 up. you have a lot of variation in your data.
  12. You definitely should call your ISP. Be courteous, but persistent. Your speed went down about 90% over a period from 5:30pm to 7:30pm on May 1.
  13. Phone calls to your ISP are important even if they don't really resolve the traffic issue. The more people that call, the more aware they become that their customers are not happy. Ask friends or work colleagues who use your ISP if they're having similar issues, and if they are, ask them to call the issue in too. Many legs of your internet traffic are not under your direct control, but they do have ways of changing paths that your traffic takes.
  14. Pgoodwin1

    Ken Mills

    You could try hooking directly to your modem with Ethernet and see if it behaves the same as when you're using all your other equipment. If you're using wireless and it's slower than the Ethernet connection, try testing right next to your wireless unit. If it's faster, then you are likely too far from the wireless base station. The ISP should be able to help you determine if the problem is inside your house or not
  15. Pgoodwin1

    Ken Mills

    There are a variety of things that could be affecting your speed - at your place or externally (local connections, at your ISP, or on other legs of where your traffic is coming and going). Give your ISP a call. Be polite, patient, and persistent. They should be able to help out. It may take more than one call.
  16. What's your ISP plan advertised speeds up and down?
  17. You can manually remove a test point result. Go to Results. At the right side of the table, there's check boxes and a remove function. not sure how your extreme data point happened. @CA3LE may have an idea.
  18. When you auto test, TestMy keeps upping the file size until it takes about 5 seconds for the download or upload. That way there's enough time over which to calculate throughput correctly, without it taking longer than necessary. If if you want to set a fixed file size, run the test manually and pick the file size.
  19. @CA3LE ill let you answer this. In general I know what it means.
  20. Tell us a little tale more about the issue. Where are you? What is you IPS plan max? are you using wireless or Ethernet?
  21. Are you using wireless or Ethernet? If wireless, try plugging directly into your model with Ethernet. This would eliminate any wireless issues. the Sky Broadband average download here on TestMy is 15.6 Mbps. Some users speeds are quite a bit better than you and some are quite a bit worse. I don't know if that's because they are on different ISP plans or some of their users have issues.. i would call them, and tell them that your real speeds appear to be 1/2 of your plan. Be polite and patient. Even if they just run you a quick OOKLA abased speed test that shows you're at full speed and tell you there's no issue, call them back until they start really trying to help you troubleshoot.
  22. When I look at your test results, it looks like you're connected to the closest server. So that's not an issue.
  23. How far from the TestMy test server are you?
  24. What speeds are your ISP advertised max?
  25. zbuckone - My apologies. I skimmed over your post too quickly, and failed to notice that the image wasn't yours. I only do this very part time. And LOL on "I'm working on my meaningless bullcrap"
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