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testmy.net loads much faster for me! Love it.


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Boy, I go see the doctor and get back - the whole place has changed - faster too,  better looking.

WOW!!!  Great JOB!!!  Hat's off to you.


Great work :notworthy:.

Yep it's lookin good

Page created in 0.155 seconds with 23 queries

Great work CA3LE  :occasion14:

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you :)

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I thought i was on the wrong website!! Great job Ca3ble' Better looking and faster page loading time...  Its just so enjoyable to be on here even more now! TWO THUMBS UP!!!

Thanks rayray ;-)

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rayray909  I thought that I was on the wrong page also.

This is looking GOOOOOD.

i have to say at 1st i was shocked

then i kind of liked the look

and yeah i just noticed its a bit quicker

  Page created in 0.132 seconds with 21 queries.


Yeah, once you get used to where everything is, it is great. Best job yet.

:occasion14:  CA3LE  :notworthy:

thank you, thank you, thank you

HAHA.. yah i can back from class to check the forums.. and i was like woah.. did he sell this off and now we got some professional company developing the site?  Nope just CA3LE spending the entire night making the site look better..


haha, I would let you guys know if I had plans to sell the site, hehe.  I wouldn't sell the site anyway... :-P

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