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snipers blow.

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Fake M-16= $20

Two pair Camoflage BDU's: $450

Fake Combat boots: $700

Getting your picture posted on the internet while your buddy's head is in your lap???


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well, water, that ain't no m-16.

looks to me like the spotter is getting the S#!tty end of the stick here, having to function as the rest for the shooter.

I know it isn't an M-16, but "tacky fake assault rifle" didn't have quite the same ring now, did it?

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bah. tacky fake assault rifle would be just as bad. that there is a genuine sniper rifle. thing doesn't even fire full-auto. but it will let you shoot the left nut off a mosquito at half a mile if the bug has the good grace to hold still for the second or so it takes the round to cover the distance...

which is why the guy is in such a compromising position. he is giving the shooter a steady platform to aim from.

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that is the french i believe.. at least that is what Break.com listed it as.. maybe they are poking fun at them?

maby they are French, i though they were British because they are using a British L96A1 sniper rifle. and the French for the most part use there own guns.

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just shows what a good buddy will do for a mate  :roll:

just hoped they have sync'd . their pulse rate, or they wont hit a elephant at 1/2 mile

brings a whole new meaning to, aim, steady,  squeeze,  No not you Jenkins,

your just the mount, LOL

Roco  UK

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