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Little optical illusion


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tommie they still look slightly different to me to.but a lot closer in what I did.I don't have an image program that will just put two side by side or maybe I just haven't figured out how to do it.

I bet someone with photoshop could.

php : They still look a lot different in your picture.& either my fingers are too big or my screen too small to do it the other way.

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they are the same color because of the shadow thrown by the cylinder. Our brain sees the checkerboard pattern and says that it is lighter. The different colored A and B in the squares just helps to strengthen the effect. The dark squares in the shadowed area are considerably darker than those not in the shadowed area, and the reverse applies to the lighter squares. You can easily create this effect by darkening a shadow in anything to match an object not in shadow.

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@Daiquirii: Where did you find that?  It sounds rather familiar..

I got it out of my brain, I'm used to optical illusions, we "studied" them in my psychology and human bio classes, nothing like this one though. I can usually see through the tricks that these things are playing with our brains pretty easily. You probably read something like it looking at an explanation for another optical illusion.

I sound like a book sometimes ^_^

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