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Prize for member 40K, you can win too!


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Feb 07 is my guess , maybe the memory stick thingy isn't going to swing it ,

:lol:  maybe a date with Tdawnaz,Water might just do it ,  :oops::2funny:

sorry Girls  :smitten: but sacrafices must be made  :wink2::lol:

Regards cable ............er , Roco  UK

tdawnaz AND water??  :shocked:


tdawnaz OR water??

it's a sacrifice that i'd be happy to make...  :smitten:

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:smitten:  :kiss: Just let me know Roco, it all sounds good.  :afro:

Well Bro. it was all looking good  :wink2: till Shugs threw a strop ,

For 2 pins I am of a good mind to come over and give him a good slap ,

just 2 things against doing that

#1 , he probably would enjoy it , ( I don't think he sees a lot of action poor boy )

#2 the Brit saying "for 2 pins" would start another WHAA ? posting spree  :lol:

oh and a third reason

#3 he's much bigger than me , :evil6:

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She is free and over 21 shug. Yo might let go of the cord now. Then we can work on loosing the apron strings.  :2funny::haha::2funny:

:tickedoff: Shes not free.

In your Duty Hole you Basturd.

:evil6: :evil6:

lol  :evil6: I do all the leg work , then everyone else dives in,

OK ODBXXX you take care of Shugs, and leave the rest to me,  :evil2:

Im a world champion drop kicker of the ass cheeks. BRING IT.. WOMAN.
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:tickedoff: :tickedoff: :mad2: :mad2: :tickedoff: :tickedoff: No by free I mean you are NOT available. EVERYBODY BACKUP.

Duh , and I was going to ask Shugs if he would loan me the cash for the flight  :cry2:

but  not more of those those TMN bucks I won way back , every time I pass the bank where I tried to convert them  the staff all point and go  :uglystupid2:

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even if we hit the average everyday we are not going to make it, were going to miss by probally about 400

Ouch. Only 400. That would truly bite the big one.  :sad:

Doesn't someone have a grandma who is bored?? I could entertain her on here for FREE! [but she has to join]  :haha: I give good jokes.  :wink:

Yes I will do my part also. (the only thing I know girls want from me).  :azn:

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