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OS of Choice?


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vista....i honestly don't see anything wrong with it. That said, i don't have any special computer needs that some users might need and keep them off of vista. I tried ubuntu linux but it seems that it offers more control that i bargained for so i stay away from it.

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did i tell u that i love windows 3.1 :)

vista something now...getting used to it...can't complain...well yes i can and i do but not about this just yet give me time...i'm a woman...

fav so far of all time was me...hahaha jk...was xp pro...i miss it...it's no my grdaughters computer...she's 7...not hooked up to internet just yet...she just uses mine...she loves vista...well actually what she said was "is it different?"...wait til she gets internet on her machine...i might steal it :)

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mine's XP Pro on desktop & laptop.

I like Vista also, after i add another 1gig of RAM on my desktop, that should help a bit.

Notice: Someone managed to trim down Windows Vista to run on Pentium III pc's with 256mb RAM. I don't know it's true or not  :grin:

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Well I Run Professional and have Virtual PC so I get the pleasure of installing whatever I want so my money is on Ubuntu and possible OS X Leopard when I finally figure out how to run it on my IBM machine since its suppose to be designed for x86 processors. As for Vista I hope this Millennium(Vista) Phase goes quickly.... 98(tank) 98se(good) ME(tank) XP(good) Vista(tank) Windows 7 Code Name: Blackcomb?????? hopefully good I guess

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