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Test run on the Irish Three 4G network in Donegal town, possibly LTE+ (OnePlus 2 phone):




It's also my fastest TestMy download result to date, certainly did not expect to see my first >100Mbps result on a cellular network, let alone the Three network especially with the past experience of prioritising/throttling ports.  As far as I can tell, they treat port 80 and 8080 equally now and the above test was a normal linear HTTP test with the UK server.

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22 hours ago, SilverBarK said:

cant seem to find the file I need to show speeds is there a newby area that shows how to!! just joined


If you go to your Results page (see Results link near top of the home page), right under the plot, there are so buttons to select


Avg Max for instance:  16.png

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Something's up with your speedtest, or it's an extremely long way away from me.


Thu Feb 16 2017 @ 12:38:43 am London, GB GB arrow 50 MB 110.73 Mbps 13.84 MB/s Wario


Thu Feb 16 2017 @ 12:41:31 am

London, GB GB arrow 200 MB 333.41 Mbps 41.68 MB/s Wario






I wish there was a reliable way of fully testing a 1Gb connection.



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I helped a work colleague reconfigure their network when Open Eir installed the fibre into the house.  They went with the Eir 150/30 package.  The highest speed package available is 1Gbps. 


The left is just before his DSL connection was cut off.  The right image is the fibre link:




Ping time to Irish hosts is 6-7ms. 

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Wed Feb 07 2018 @ 12:51:12 pm Sydney, AUAU arrow 19.1 MB 21.8 Mbps 2.72 MB/s 2001126270485        
Wed Feb 07 2018 @ 12:50:52 pm Sydney, AUAU arrow 91.4 MB 66.44 Mbps 8.31 MB/s 2001126270485        
Mon Feb 27 2017 @ 7:59:01 pm Sydney, AUAU arrow 44.5 MB 60.18 Mbps 7.52 MB/s 20011264317502        
Fri Feb 24 2017 @ 6:24:37 pm Sydney, AUAU arrow 16 MB 23.25 Mbps 2.91 MB/s 2001126425649        

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Comcast/Xfinity  -  paying for 200 Mbps  running Linux Lite 3.8


A "refurbished PC"  purchased from   Micro Center  - $219.97  /  i5-quad, 250 PNY SSD - $67.99 


Linux Lite optimized - "Great Results"  This customer should be VERY PLEASED  :D


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