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Show us your ride!


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This is my F-250 Diesel

5.5 Inch Fabtech and 35x12.50 Mickey Thompson Baja Claws

It's not as big as yours pentium but I had fuel mileage in mind when I lifted it, with fuel prices the way they are now I am glad I did.

Just out of curiousity whay kinda fuel mileage do you get with the V-10?  I get about 14 MPG with the diesel.  :)

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kglasstetter1s, I dont know what the gas mileage is ,dont really want to know , but I know it isn't 14 MPG. I really like having the V-10 it has lots of power even with the big tires.

I like your crewcab. I keep thinking I should have got the crewcab but I don't really need it. Superduty's are great trucks.

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this was taken with my phone camera

i will take a pic with my digital tomorrow and post it up

since u like it so much heheh

Well good, and if you do that, I'll post a picture of the mini van I've been stuck driving for the past couple of years...I'd rather have a bike!

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ok since u all loved it so much and took some righ res picture of it

and some things that have happend recently to it

as you can see in picture 2 i only have one break the front one

the back onr was so rusty it snapped when i tried to break really hard going down a hill

luckly i didnt hit the guy in the truck but i was very close to it.

in picture 3 you can see the tier is so warned out that u can see the sawing undenearth the tier rubber

whats next can any one guess?

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yeah i use it

but this is in the backyard at my house i dont lock it there

so i just leave it hanging, so when i ride it i put it across my shorlders.

it is not in my bike i only remember it when i get there and its a bit to late to lock it if u dont have a lock

what has happend to me is forget the house keys and also the lock keys

so i got a lock but no use for it


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