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buying a laptop in 1 week just need a final though.


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Im buying a laptop since my Desktop is a 933mhz p3 with 512mb and i can run most of the simple things i use.

i want a laptop for mobility, the thing is that it wouldnt be bad to have it as a normal gamming laptop since it cant never be compared in performance with a desktop to play games.

the laptop im buying is from Costco.

is a HP and here are the specs and price:  PS. I live in Puerto Rico soo the only places i got is compUSa,Office MAx, Sams and Costco. dunno if there are any place cheaper.

Intel Pentium 4 530 w/HT 3ghz

1gb DDR2 SDRAM, 533mhz (2x512mb)

60gb 5400 RPM hard drive

DVD writter with double layer

256mb ATI mobility RADEON X600

54g 802.11 b/g WLAN w/ 125HSM

17.0" WxGA+ brightview Wide Viewing (1440x900)

Microsoft xp with SP2

Microsoft works Money

12 Cell Lithium Ion Battery

for the price of = $1469.99

any replies will be pretty much apreciated. thanks a lot.

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well i have checked overall and its between a abs laptop from newegg that is amd +3200 and a 9700 for $1500

vs the HP i told you.

i think i checked tiger dirrect but didnt compete with newegg prices, have to check again.

i like more the AMD because of the price drop but the ones that costco have the video card is a ati X200 and my friends tell me thats a low card atm now.

edit. I think i didnt checked tiger direct that much: heres some competition =o

HP/Compaq nx6125 AMD Turion 64 Processor ML-34 1.8GHz / 802.11a-b-g Wireless / Bluetooth / 15-inch SXGA+ / 1GB DDR / 60GB HDD / DVD

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I dunno about Laptop HDD's but I don't think they can get much bigger, but i don't know anything about it, just my guess from what i've seen.

Sure they do... http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=1520439&CatId=0 and that is not the biggest...just an example.

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I just got a Dell Inspiron 9300 for just under 1500, near 1600 after taxes + a free printer  :roll:

17" truelife

Pentium M 760 2.0 gHz

512 mb DDR2 533mHz

80 gig HDD 5400rpm

Nvidia 6800 256 mem

Media Center Edition 2005

2Yr Ltd Warranty, 2Yr At-Home Service, and 2Yr Technical Support

And this thing rocks on all the most intensive games FEAR demo, DOOM3, Battlefield 2

HL2 settings maxed out.

I skimped on the Ram cuz I can get it way cheaper as you all know.

Check out these coupon codes they work!


:D :D :D

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choose something with amd turion or intel centrino processors.. the two best brands of cpus for notebooks :)

thats only true if you need a long battery life really

if it is easy enough for you to bring and use an adapter

then all u are doing is sacrificing performance

but if u want the mobility for long strenches of time

then u r absolutely correct

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gas here.. depends like this chart, this charts are liters btw.

Mayorista---------87 octanos--------91 octanos









San Juan Oil----------78.20---------------------80.57




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Depending on what you are going to doing with the laptop.. I would move away from the p4.. It is just going to be hot, the battery life isnt going to be there... 

I have a 745 on the 400mhz platform not the 533.. I love it and the batter life on a 15.4 widescreen is about 4.5 hours.  I have a 60 gig Hitachi 7200rpm hard drive.  You are going to be able to tell the difference between a 4200 and a 7200 or even a 5400 notebook drive..  In november Hitachi is release a 100 gig at 7200rpm.. which is going to be the fast hard drive for a notebook on the market..

As far as Tigerdirect.. I have had awesome sucess with them.  I ordered 3 laptops and 2 laser printers, all referbs, for my swim team before i left to college.. all were high quality units that were in awesome condition.. I didnt using shipping i picked them up from Naperville warehouse.

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