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Putting Modem in Microwave to increase speeds.


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Get a digital photo of the sparks flying if you could, in fact that would make a cool avatar, go for it. I actually do have a friend that shot his old valiant with a shot gun in the rear door one time because it would not start. Amazingly it started and gave him no more trouble after that. :haha: :haha:

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I heard if I put my Cable Modem in the Microwave it will go like 10x faster.

Is this true? I'm about to do it.


I just had to drop by to say this is the best post I've read hear in a long time and the funniest. This made my day!  :haha::lol::occasion14::icon_cyclops_ani::iamwithstupid:  I think I might go pluck my eyes out now for the hell of it ...hey I read some where in a blog that ripping your eyes out cures headaches. Weeeee! I think I'll go try it.  ;):haha: :haha: :haha::twisted::-P

Next I think I will jam a big heap of thermite in my CD-ROM drive to see if I can go 5200X read speed so I can paly those darn StarForce rootkit'd games faster adn maybe burn up the rootkit/backdoor thingy hahahaha! Damn now if I could just see where the drive is...hmmm...I'll have to feel around I guess oh well. :-P:lol::evil6::haha::shock:

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