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Long term effects of online gaming!!!!


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omg, this kid is hilarious.

im pretty sure its from unreal.. i heard him say "unreal" twice in whatever language hes using.

but wat made it so funny was he started yelling at his junk on his desk after he threw it off and then it sounded like he tried reasoning with it.. i mean i get angry sometimes when i lose or something doesnt work right but, good god that kid needs a straight punch in the face lol

.. or at least some counceling

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LMAO that kid has some problems,

I wonder what game he was playing?

Imagine he was playing Counter-Strike, LMAO

Still that kid needs to go to serious therapy or something.

I would braek his PC and smack him with the keyboard.

Funny video overall although a bit scary :shock:

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The only serious therapy that kid needs is a piece of rawhide on his a*s. And take the comp away till he grows up a little. And make him do chores to pay for the repairs. And maybe make him go out and play more often, He needs a little sun and activity. By the way, somebody had to be filming, so what is up. But no lets ask Dr. Phil  :haha::angry4:

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i think that kid needs some serious ass whiping also, i agree with tommie gorman

about the camera, maybe his parents saw his mess one day and wanted to find out how he did it and how his keyboard broke daily?

so they set up a hidden camera and taped his ass red handed,

he does need some serious beating by his parnets and some outside fun.

if i was his dad break that pc and kick his ass, but thats just me, oh and im Mexican so i know about beatings.

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