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MAY 25, 2006 ~ Comet Warning


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Heard this on Coast to Coast last night;

Comet Warning

First half-hour guest, former air traffic controller Eric Julien spoke about his belief that comet 73P Schwassmann-Wachmann will impact Earth on May 25th, 2006. He has concluded this from his study of NASA simulations as well as information given to him by ET contacts. Julien revealed that he communicates with what he calls "the blue beings."  :confused1:

They confirmed to him that his vision of something hitting the Atlantic Ocean causing a huge wave to crash into a city will occur on May 25.

For more, see his article The Day of Destiny.

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I have read many things like this. For ex:- It was written in bible that the earth will be destroyed by the year 2000. So for the time being i am not believing the words of eric julien.

Let's see what happens on may 25.

And yeah, as solidsnake said:-


You would haveto show me the exact reference to that one! Not an educated guess either! I have never seen any real mistakes written in the Bible!  ;)

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