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Admin's - How Many Of 'em

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keyword, active users

Cant necessarily go on active users. We deal with alot of morons that you guys see very little of because we delete the posts and they get a ban or ran off. Besides this is the best run forum on the net so who's counting. ;)
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Don't forget the troll! Gotta have a troll! Not a forum without one!

. . .at least one "Veteran Troll" like you 'botnick ~ it shows we're 'worth' trolling to all those unseen Guest's we have each day  ~  All Hail the Trolls!!

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It's our fault we feed the troll.

For the how many answer I think CA3LE probably has the exact count.So he can answer if he wants too.I did see a list but some were counted twice I think so I don't want to give a wrong answer.

We feed one troll. Hes our resident troll and is a really nice guy just doesnt want anyone to know that. ;)
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From what i can see there seems to be more admins and mods than actual users lol. So cable how many actual admins and mods are there.

the reason it seems there are so many mods is because our mods and admins are very active.  they make lots of posts and are very active in the community, pretty rare in allot of forums.  Our admins and mods love this site, love to help people and love to chat... that's why they have their titles :-)

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And how many post once, never to show up again. Lol

Meaning they come in to give an opinion. Or they get their answer and are done, kind of feel used on those.  :laughing7:

I've seen allot of members who are signed up but have never posted and visit the site nearly every day.. I see them reading threads for hours and hours... but they never post, so zero posts doesn't mean that they aren't active.

Judging from last login time, I can see that about 4300 members have been active in the last 60 days.  Around 10,000 active in the last 6 months.

As for how many mods we have.. well we have about 20 mods, 6 vice admins and 1 admin.  Out of the mods only about 8 are really active right now (some people have stuff going on in their lives and can't help with the site as much as they would like to).  So we have 1 active mod/admin per 1800 members.  Or 1 mod/admin per 280 active members (members who have connected in the past 60 days).  We have quite a few mods, but most other forums I have seen have many more than we do... and they usually have less users.  It's just, their mods usually don't talk as much as our mods do -- and their mods definitly aren't as helpful as ours are :)

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