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A bad week


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hell a bad week indeed ,  and sod the personal injuries , they can get fixed  :evil6:

well thats the way I see it in the UK, I droped a bike at 70 mph +, while  sliding down the road I was totaling the cost of the repairs to the bike ,  :lol:

seriously,  hope you are OK , and is the Camaro repairable ? the frame don't look bent from the photo's , I have repaired worse , my 33y  old  Citroen is a composte of 3 cars ,and just passed a tight annual  1 hour Gov inspection ,  (all cars over 3 years old in the UK , ) and for a very resonable  $120 USD ,  :evil2:,

what I am trying to say all cars can be rebuilt , it just depends how much you love or value the car ,

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Well, the insurance company is going to total it out because damages exceed 70% of the value of the car.  The body shop stopped estimated damages at 6000 dollars, and there was still a lot more left to calculate.  So I'm looking for a Camaro SS now.

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I was driving down the highway in the rain, and I hydroplaned and went sideways for a while, hit a street sign, and landed on an access road.  Thats about it lol.

I been know to do a lot on Ford Trucks

fucked mine up like 3 times already

I love the running boards

they save me from flypping over and maybe getting seriously hurt by getting stuck in the mud and taking the dameage

Never buy a tuck without running boards


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