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Show Your Current Ride!

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Yep that's how I role. :cool::azn:




These are just my back-up cars.

Here is my main ride:


Lol I seriously have been driving that though ^^^. I've been bailing hay.(Yes I am that rural) Took it to town once to get the A/C fixed. Road sucked and was very bumpy...red light...Jeep Grande Cherokee...You do the math lol. Didn't even put a scratch on the front end loader though. :shock: The Jeep well...:buck2:...In my defense though I bounced so high my head hit the ceiling over a foot up.

Edit: Oh and no that is not an actual pick of the tractor, just a pick of the same kind.

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u didn't say what ur new ride is...but she is a beauty...

hey...know what??...i live next door to u... :)

he wasn't kidding...he lives in the uk...so yep i'm sure that IS his ride...at 8 bucks a gallon for gas...pretty much a necessity

Its a chevy Cobalt.... And shes got alot of miles on her  :haha: :haha:

lol iv had it about 3 months now.. Prolly less, and iv got 10,800 miles on it.  I bought it with 14 miles lol....

Its a :

2007 Chevy Cobalt

2.2L @ 147 hp

manual tranny

pretty much stock.. base... the nicest feature in it is the air conditioner and the song name display on live radio..

All in all , i shouldnt have bought it... It was only $17,000 ..... before the financing....which is IF i pay it off for the full loan itll be $34,000.. but ill most likely get rid of it in 2 or 3 years. It was NOTHING close to what i was looking for, but the ac sure is nice in summer time, which my altima lacked.

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I drove several Ford Crown Victoria cars for years and loved them except the transmissions kept going out. I love this car. Man it's sexy and fast and has allll the bells and whistles. The only problem for me is that there are toooooo many on the road. Dang, I'll be driving down the freeway and there are four or five of us in a cluster together. We look like a 300C convention. 

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Yeah, the 300C is sweet... for a car!

This is my mountain ride


That one's actually not mine, mine is larger... and dirtier  :grin2:

I just sold my city ride this morning, but this is the next one I'm getting


Again, mine is gonna be larger, probably gonna have it by Tuesday.

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My other Ride!

Ok I thought it would be funny!

Nice ride elinvesti8 link, That motor has soul ,  :evil6:

anyone else' s  ride figured on a postage stamp ?

My International Citroen 2cv stamps , and still taking part in motor sport 50 years on  :evil6:

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Dang Grandpa, look at those front axles, you cant getem built that way anymore.

:shock::iamwithstupid: You aint kidding.

The one on the left is a 1977 Gravely, 12hp Kohler and weighs about 900lbs alone and does 9.9mph. The bigger one is a 1984 Gravely, 19hp Kohler Twin, 60" deck also a 44" snowblower, rear roto-tiller and a cab for it with 3-10 air (3 openings and 10mph). It weighs just over 1,000 lbs alone and is faster than the other, same gearing but bigger tires.

I could ride this one all day  :smitten:  but it only takes half the time to cut the grass than my 50" two wheel Gravely, 4hrs down to 2hrs.

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