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It's Christmas 2009


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Was  up ? , is the resesion biting ass that much that noboby is willing to say

"Merry Christmas" , or am I being the usual dumb ass , and missed the topic ,

May you all recieve  more than you deserve,

Best regards 

Roco .....UK

Merry Christmas to you as well my friend. Blessed Samhain, Happy Hannukah, Happy Kwanza, Blessed Winter Solstice and everything else I probably forgot!

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Guest jeffwalker9999

:confused2: :confused2:    :icon_santa: :icon_santa:    :wave: :wave:

happy holidays to one and all


It has been a heck of a year for myself > > > > > > > > > > > > > >


June - I fell and broke right side hip - had to have 3 pins but into it in


Nov - fell again, dearranged my right knee and still messed up

and I had to have 4 pins but into my left hip


Oct - found out my non-hodgens lympthoma (cancer)

was back in my groan and under arms and neck

and had to go back onto chemo 3 times a week

( but is helping somewhat ) ( barf and puke )


Sept - my 34 y/o step child -women- committed suicide and killed her self


I have not been on TMN like I was for awhile

due to medical, but know somewhat back on my laptop computer

and getting back to my old ways of Sinning In Sin City ( Las Vegas,Nv )


I mis yapping and talking and getting to help out others with pc issues and problems

-- but I am some what back - so watch out !


Again Best wishes to one and all - have a good x-mas and new year


I am a survivor of both cancer and a stroke - and still alive and above the ground

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Hello old friends!

Just hope you all had a good christmas, and hope you have a happy new year!

VanBuren :)

oh my gosh...vanburen...so good to see you...i've been a bit worried about you...we've all beena bit worried...so how ya been?? where ya been? what's new in your neck of the woods?hope you had a blessed Christmas...and wishing you a Safe and Happy New Year to you and to all!!

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Things in real life takes more and more space, we have built a sauna in the timber (not quite finished yet attach a picture), and moved on a little buildings on the farm, built a kennel and dog house with underfloor heating. Now after the new year we will replace flooring and kitchen furniture in our kitchen, it seems to never end. But it is fun too ...

The kid has turned 12! And the girl is 6 years as the time goes fast ...

I usually pop in here occasionally, and plan to make a post or two but it has not happened until today.

Btw i have dug fiber in to the house also:)

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Yes, that is a beautiful place indeed. So many think value is only in the building and all its brass and glass. I prefer roominess and land myself.  :D


not much land but approximately 3 acres of land around the house, nowadays we have no cattle, the barn is torn and replaced by a machine room (big garage). The house is from the 1700's, with a frame of timber. But the farm is said to be from 1500's.

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