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:angry3: Damn database errors!!

Okay, after researching into the problem I have fixed the problem.  The partition on the database server that the database was on was 100% full -- meaning that nothing could be written to the drive, also meaning that I couldn't optimized the tables and get it fixed.  It was a real headache because I didn't know for a while why my server wasn't listening to my commands!!  But once I noticed the REAL source of the problem I cleaned some backup and logs out and got 'er back in business!

Thank you for your patience during this hard downtime, and thank you ALL who emailed me, called me and PM'ed me to let me know about the problem.  I would have caught it earlier if I would have known it was actually that bad... normally a simple restart of mySQL will clear a stuck process or what ever... but this problem happened to be deeper than that :)

- Damon Mueller

- Owner/Admin

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I hate to bust your bubble but I still get this error when I run a test.

Warning: mysql_fetch_row(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /home/testmyn/public_html/results_d.php on line 696

Warning: Division by zero in /home/testmyn/public_html/results_d.php on line 709

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Okay, the scores database is corrupted... but I am attempting a repair.  If unsuccessful I will simply recreate the table and we will start from scratch, it will only take a month to regrow the useable portion anyway.

I think a repair may work though, I will keep you all posted.

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