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    TMN on the News

    Awesome! Thank you Ken Colburn from Data Doctors. https://www.abc15.com/news/let-joe-know/paying-for-fast-speeds-why-is-your-computer-so-slow Another great article at KTAR - http://ktar.com/story/2530346/why-is-my-internet-slow-even-though-the-speed-test-says-it-is-fast/
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    ... I can always use that speed. You're right though, only edge cases will need that kind of speed. But really, everyone can use and benefit from it. I've always believed that our upload and download speed should ALWAYS be synchronous (the same). If you have 1 Gbps download, you should have 1 Gbps upload. These async connections are BS. ... I say that but all of the fastest overall consumer connections I've ever had were async, it's just how most of the best players run right now. The denial of true freedom makes them have more available bandwidth. I don't think that's how it has to be.. .... they'd be out of this world if the upload matched the download. Those kinds of connections in everyone's homes.... will change our planet more than the evolution of the internet has up-to this point right now. That's the real reason I build TMN. I want those connections in every home because the potential is so great. The majority of the world is still WAY under served, we the people of the United States of America often don't put ourselves in the shoes of the rest of the world. We are in reality extremely far from a high speed Internet World. At least by my definition. 10 years I imagine many packages with speed similar to today, just that more people will have access to the higher tiers of service. But overall you'll find much lower and more consistent latency, as if you were on LAN all the time. Improved internet routing and other underlying tech will make everything overall smoother. When you're in heavily populated areas you may find yourself on faster, higher frequency wireless but I feel that 4G will continue for some time, they will just combine more and more bands to get more speed. 5G isn't something that is capable of long distances, the infrastructure... it takes time to build out. I think something using a longer wavelength will reign supreme over the world. Isn't it stupid to build towers every 200 ft (over exaggeration)? We can use existing, well trialed, wider bands that travel longer distances coupled with smarter systems and algorithms. --- 5G can help some areas but I think in the broad scheme, we WILL have a better solution for the majority. But then again, with everyone over paying for internet... shouldn't be too long before the ISPs have 5G built out across all the major cities in the world. That's why they overcharge you... so YOU can build their future networks! They really win because eventually, every car will be forced to be on the network... the providers always win. But don't worry, lower income populations won't have to pay... because it will be subsidized by the government, and guess who pays for that? Watch. Someone has to pay for that "new" infrastructure and I promise you... it's not your ISP.
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    Hello @DESAND I am going to try to make this as less of a work as possible for you. (I think?) I assume you are running windows 7 or above... Open any folder anyway you like... or just directly file explorer... 1. On the address bar copy and paste this: Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center Hit enter, and when you are the page I hope you are at. You should see what you are connected with. 2. Beside connection. you would see Ethernet or Wireless in blue. Click on it. 3. The window that pops up shows your hardware capabilities. This is the maximum your network card can go up to theoretically. (No way you'll hit this, even PC to PC direct transfer. As your other components w/ bottleneck the transfer of file transfers) Screenshot below for an example: As you can see my network card is 1000Mbps/Gbps capable. I don't get these speeds, but here we are :P Hope this is what you are asking for? Please clarify if it isn't. Cheers!
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    Sean, Called Mediacom and got a tech in NY. Looked at my account and took less than a minute to see that it was a hardware issue on their side. Cable guy came and tested the outdoor tap, checked my equipment and confirmed it was outside issue. Now to see if they can locate and repair. Thanks
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    Wrong result ID given

    Looks like there was already a result in the database with the same testID. It won't allow an overwrite of the same ID. It's supposed to check for that, I'll look and see why it didn't. Maybe I turned that off at some point and didn't realize... Even with that check disabled it's extremely rare to conflict with other testID's. It's like 36^9 combinations, but I have seen it before and you just confirmed it again. I'll make sure that's not an issue for you in the future. 1.0155996e+14 that's a lot of combinations. 1.3537087e+16 combinations if I switched to cAsE sEnSiTiVe Better go buy a lottery ticket.
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    Dave Taht

    Bufferbloat! (latency under load)

    Both the dslreports folk and fast.com reached out the the bloat email list (see lists.bufferbloat.net) as to how to go about measuring this problem properly in their codebases. You will find a lot of good info in the archives there, and we're always looking for sites to be actively testing for bufferbloat. Of the two, dslreports has thus far been doing a great job, so great that their dataset is thoroughly polluted by people that used the site to fix their bufferbloat!!, so we no longer have a real picture of what the internet is really looking like. (so I really, really, really applaud the idea of a new site, such as yours, attempting to tackle the problem also) I have a few nits on the dslreports stuff I've always wanted them to address, also. A few are: 0) huge threads on the bloat lists that I won't summarize... a noted one is the insistence on doing some level of statistical ledgerdemain on the data (throwing out the worst 5% of the data, or picking an arbitrary threshold of X latency for bufferbloat, etc. )When it comes to this sort of science, the *really* interesting data is in the outliers, not the averages. This is a detailed look at that sort of statistical rigor problem from a talk I gave at sigcomm 2014: http://conferences.sigcomm.org/sigcomm/2014/doc/slides/137.pdf (they've never invited me back) 1) Since the adoption of fq_codel in OSX, openwrt, thousands of commercial routers (notably now in Wifi - see google's implementation here: http://flent-newark.bufferbloat.net/~d/Airtime based queue limit for FQ_CoDel in wireless interface.pdf ) and the universal enablement of ECN in that OS, we are starting to see ECN negotation and CE markings show up in multiple data sets. It would be good to track that somewhere. 2) both dslreports and fast.com throw out too much data. The really core and scary bufferbloat problem is when a network is too congested to operate worth a dang in the first place. I keep hoping that someday dslreports, at least, will create a plot that just shows the data they currently throw out - an analogy of what we might discover is here: https://www.space.com/25945-cosmic-microwave-background-discovery-50th-anniversary.html 3) I really like the http://www.dslreports.com/speedtest/results/bufferbloat?up=1 plot - my kvetch is that it is only a 10 day most recent summary and I've had to rely on screen shots to be able to compare stuff over time. I'd long hoped for a deal where they could sell or share that dataset to researchers. The bufferbloat problem IS getting better - assuming the dslreports dataset isn't totally polluted but there is a long, long way to go. 4) Nobody's tests run long enough to saturate higher speed links, due to how slow TCP ramps up. A variable length test, or one that runs longer when it detects high bandwidth is in use. dslreports cuts off their data set and test with 4+ second delays - and we have seen delays as bad as hundreds of seconds in the field. 5) A really simple test would be to measure syn and syn/ack times while under load for a string of very short tcp transactions. This would emulate web traffic better. 6) Recently published (and under discussion on the bloat list) was a pretty good summary of the speedtest problems we have on the internet going forward. Discussion here; https://lists.bufferbloat.net/pipermail/bloat/2019-May/009211.html - the paper, here: https://arxiv.org/pdf/1905.02334.pdf Anyway, we're kind of old internet fogies that mostly use email, and not web forums like this, if you have further questions, want to gain testers, or have someone from the bufferbloat effort or academia help dissect the data, please drop us a line on bloat at lists.bufferbloat.net. Best of luck with it! Thx!
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    New Version Feedback

    I love it. Many more options and easier to track results. I was able to use the graphed results to show my ISP there was a problem with either their service or equipment. A change out in the equipment resolved the ongoing problem and retain me as a customer.No other tests provide graphical results showing fluctuations speed.
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    Thank for your response. You're awesome. I'm going to post in a new conversation a story of how TMN helped me get my ISP to finally replace my modem/router this weekend. Denny
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    How does a WISP work?

    Some of the wireless internet service providers (WISPs) that operate here in Ireland operate on the 5GHz Wi-Fi band. This is basically like a home Wi-Fi set up, but on a much bigger scale. The purpose of the dish is provide a high enough gain to pick up and transmit the signal over a several mile radius. The tower usually consists of several sector antennas, typically three aimed 120 degrees apart operating on separate channels. Customers on one sector generally share the same channel like on a home Wi-Fi network. The last WISP I was with used Ubiquiti hardware. When I changed provider, I was curious myself to check out its web interface and to my surprise they never changed the default password on the dish hardware's web interface. Its configuration was very similar to home Wi-Fi, mainly an SSID, WPA2 passphrase and internal IP address set. Their service end likely had a gateway server that throttled the up/down bandwidth according to whatever package was ordered, while also metering the usage from the assigned IP address. Ubiquiti has a training book freely available on their website which goes into detail on how enterprise Wi-Fi works including on a large scale that WISPs use: https://dl.ubnt.com/guides/training/courses/UEWA_Training_Guide_V2.1.pdf A few other WISPs here use LTE on the licenced 3.6GHz band. This basically works the same as a mobile phone LTE service, but where the operator has exclusive control over its assigned spectrum, LTE hardware and installation. As this is a managed network, it generally performs a lot better than a mobile phone LTE network as each LTE client device (i.e. that dish antenna on the roof) is professionally installed, maximising the signal encoding efficiency. The weaker the signal quality, the more airtime is required to transmit the same amount of data.
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    Big Beef

    What am I testing?

    EDIT: (When I posted this it appeared under the name Big Beef and not Pahoo. Big Beef was another old nickname I had so now I’m confused ??‍♂️ if I created 2 accounts⁉️ I’m supposed to be Pahoo Katawah.) This site has allowed me to document the incredibly poor service I’ve been receiving and the ISP responded by confirming it and said they need to do pole work. They’ve called the police to arrange a day/time and I’m waiting to hear back about it. I pay for 400 Mbps down but receive between 50 and 150 (see my testing results). If I pay for 100 Mbps I save $10/month! I’m just going to keep pushing them, which is why I spend my time running and sending test results instead of getting in here to the forum ☹️ ?‼️ Pahoo
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    New Version Feedback

    By the way, that progress bar is the oldest part of the entire TMN program. Original code. I mean, just look at this comment. this.setBar = resetBar; //doing this inline causes unexpected bugs in early NS4 haha, NS4 is referring to Netscape Navigator 4! That old bit of code is EXTREMELY hard for me to wrap my head around today. I struggle to make edits to it. I attempted to obfuscate (and minify, before that was a thing) the code but then ended up just making it hard for myself to understand later. But that base progress bar code is so slim (very little code) and does the job perfectly in my opinion... so I made sure to carry it over. There are two progress meters... but they're telling you different things. And I feel it's more than just % and MB downloaded. The original progress bar is so simple in its design that I think it gives a better feel for what's happening sometimes. I'm still trying to work the date range selection into the My Results on mobile devices. Just need to make it look right. Trust me, I want it there too. For now, the only way to select date range on mobile is through the Connection Guide or Hourly Tool. I'll definitely change the way the date displays so that it shows the month as "Jan" vs "01" --- I actually can make it display in your countries default format too I just need to connect some other logic that's already built into the site. I can make an array of countries that use "MM-DD-YYYY" and another for "DD-MM-YYYY" --- then have it format appropriately. I plan on making that part of the future My Settings page. This will change the date format to your preferred setting across the site... but will also automatically default to your countries preference.
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    Upload speed not showing results

    I logged in yesterday to find a new format, I did an upload test first but no results it just went back to the test my upload speed page. I have tried a few more times but still nothing, also none of the tests are showing in my logged results either. The download tests work okay with the graph showing after the test and are showing in my logged results as well. Edit; Have just used the old version and upload is working as it should be.
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    New Version Feedback

    After I fixed the last bug I had this song in my head ? Another bug bites the dust!
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    New Version Feedback

    I am rather enjoying (more like love) the "Dark Mode" but think that the "Light Mode" should be default... Not everyone likes their first time at a website being all dark and gloomy. My reason for dark mode? When I have several computers all on and connected each doing tests through different outgoing gateways on the automated test... I tend to sit down and watch a movie, and white light can get annoying, but a darker screen makes it easy to keep an eye on those tests and enjoy my tv.
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    I’m finding the results of the download speed test reported by the beta version is consistently about 5Mbps higher than the Old Version, which I’ve replicated on a second device running a different browser. I repeated the download test 3 times, switched version, repeated, and switched back and forth a few times. Oddly, the beta version is reporting download speeds higher than the router device claims it’s currently negotiated with the network.
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    Auto test stuck in UL-test loop

    I made you a Dark Mode. use the following URLs until I build in the options screen. To set Dark Mode visit https://testmy.net/?themeCSS=dark-mode To revert to default visit https://testmy.net/?themeCSS=default Hope you like it, I'll continue to make adjustments.
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    Auto test stuck in UL-test loop

    I gave this a try on my end in a few browsers including Brave (freshly installed) with the old and new theme. The main difference is I chose 30MB instead of 200MB for the download as my connection is a lot slower. In Brave, Chrome and Firefox with the old theme, it ran tests #1, #2 and #3 and skipped tests #4 & #5. However, it did not restart or get stuck with any test. I tried with the new theme in Chrome with the same set up and it ran all 5 test iterations. To double-check it was skipping tests #4 and #5, I took a screenshot on the third iteration in the old theme: After it ran this third combined test at the 9:04pm, it showed 'Done!' followed by an e-mail. The following is the results page showing the three combined tests and an arrow pointing to the third test time. Interestingly the tab shows 'Test 5 of 5' even though it skipped #4 and #5:
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    After two weeks of working on this, the final piece of the puzzle turned out to be the green box in my yard. This one sits between the sidewalk and the curb. As such it has taken several hits from the snow plows over the years. The entire box and its base was loose and able to rock back and forth. This apparently caused some sort of break in the connection. They dug the base up and replaced it. reinstalled the box and packed the soil in around it. Now I'm running at full speed 24/7. Good job by Mediacom in resolving this issue. Frank
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    Thanks for all this! I've got a bit more testing to do I REALLY do appreciate all your help and insights, you guys have been amazing!
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    Thanks CA3LE, I'll look into that after the summit. Just curious - any chance you run Dropbox? I keep 99% of everything in Dropbox so backing up really shouldn't be too bad but if I have to reload any programs that aren't Windows, re-syncing this program could take a while and I'll have to factor that in... However, Sean is a genius. I can't believe I didn't try my mobile upload speeds! Turns out...that's not doing to hot either! Only 688 kbps, whereas my host average shows up as 23.9 Mbps. The city average is only 2.5 Mbps, which is still way better than what I'm getting, but is "host" the internet provider that I'm connected to? I'm feeling like I'm back at square one BUT slightly relieved that maybe it's not my laptop afterall? GAH, thank you guys so much for your patience and all your ideas!
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    Auto test not running

    You can just minimize the browser or have it running in a different browser tab and just ignore it. I see what you're saying, it would be cool to have it in the tray, running as a task. I'm heavy in the belief that web applications will be the future of nearly all applications. I've always geared TestMy.net toward a 100% browser experience. The new version of TestMy.net is a full PWA. Taking advantage of many new browser features, 100% adopted by all major browsers at this point. In the next versions of Chrome you will be able to install TestMy.net and have it run and behave as a normal desktop application. You can also add it to your mobile device and have a more app like feel. It's much faster and offers offline capabilities. For instance enabling auto resume for the automatic speed test, a feature I've always been looking to add. Testing time is near. The new functionality coming to developers in browsers ... is blurring the lines between native and web applications. I imagine it's only the beginning. The progression at the browser level is ramping up quickly. Browsers are implementing cutting edge features at an astonishing rate and it's feeling like ALL of them are agreeing to standards for once. I've been developing for the internet since the beginning, never seen this kind of progress. I've never developed for iOS, Android, Desktop etc. Now and especially in the future ONE web application can branch across all of those platforms. Especially when you're a single developer... it can be hard to manage even 1 code base. So I hope that in the future it's just part of the way TestMy.net works... using the latest tools I have available. Hopefully you'll see by minimizing it... you can run it that way for over a year.
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    Getting a 404

    ... when sorting for https://testmy.net/country > Search / Full Listing > Averga Download / Average Upload or Count. Is this just me or is this reproducible? Best regards, h
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    TEST SERVER Central US — Dallas, TX, USA

    The Ethernet throughput read-out can be pretty close to the actual user data throughput. Its read-out is always a little higher as it includes overhead data, such as for routing, handshakes, error checking/correction and so on. You can see this for the speed it shows in the other direction, i.e. the 0.3Mbps upload shown above is mainly overhead data as this test is taking place. So around 0.3Mbps of that 30.5Mbps is likely overhead data also. If let's say you run this over Wi-Fi or there was a poor Ethernet connection, that figure could be a lot higher than the actual throughput, such as if much of the data over the Ethernet connection to the Router consists of retransmissions. It was one thing that used to bug me with the Ookla test as it would filter out dips that accounted for less than 30% of the test duration, giving inflated test results over wireless connections. If there's a server on the network (e.g. workplace), the Ethernet throughput will include data that occurs over the local network. For example, Windows will periodically index network shares, Exchange databases and so on. Windows 10 also distributes Windows updates between PCs on the same network. Network devices that broadcast data (e.g. printers) will also add to the Ethernet throughput figure. Then again, running an Internet speed test at workplace can also be challenging as it's difficult to make sure the Internet connection itself is idle at the time of testing.
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    TEST SERVER Central US — Dallas, TX, USA

    Dallas servers are all switched out to a different host. I put 10 new servers online in Dallas tonight. This will better parallelize tests. Basically when you test... there's an even better chance that you're testing on a server all by yourself. Also relocated DE and added a 2nd DE server, again to help parallelize. I see better results on both. Dallas for instance... TestMy.net Test ID : a_jeL_PBv I was consistently below 200 Mbps before on the same test. I see improvement, I hope you do too. ? ?
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    Hi TMN folk

    SUPER SUPER late Happy New Year!! ???? I seem to have missed 2. I’ve become quite reclusive. Just work work work. @CA3LE @Roco @tommie gorman And all
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    Is my Internet speed accurate?

    I was getting test results of 16mbps until Vimeo recomended I use this site , which showed 8mbps , I complained to Optus and now I am getting 47 mbps
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    Wireless interference

    Indeed they should definitely offer a lot mor ethan 30Mbps. I used to peak around 60Mbps with my former Huawei router with only 300Mbps over 802.11n (2.4GHz). With my current set-up, a Huawei B525 with 802.11ac, I get around 110Mbps between it and my desktop PC (TP-Link Archer AC1900 USB) based on a load test between the PC and a laptop connected to the router. This is with the Huawei B525 in the loft at one end of the house attached to a pair of LTE antennas and my desktop PC on the ground floor at the opposite end. Based on my experience troubleshooting Wi-Fi performance in the past, nearby power supplies can severely deteoriate the Wi-Fi performance. For example, I remember my brother struggling to get over 3Mbps over Wi-Fi, only to discover his router was on a shelf with its power supply socket directly underneath the shelf. Due to the shelf location, he couldn't move the router and there was just the one power socket nearby, directly underneath the shelf. As an experiment, he placed a sheet of aluminium foil underneath the router. His Internet speed tests over Wi-Fi jumped straight to about 76Mbps, the same as with a network cable.
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    Rural Satellite Internet Help

    Appreciate the assistance. I tested using my cellular phone as a mobile hot spot with USB tethering. It worked well so I bought a hot spot and will be attempting to use that now. Thank you for responding.
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    I had a similar experience a few years back. At the time I was using Charter internet and nothing else. It was Doc sis 3.0 And I used a Motorola modem and a Netgear router, both set up for Doc sis 3.0 . I was experimenting with several Insteon products, including a handheld remote whereby I could establish several "scenes" with my stereo set up. That included dimming lights, setting up a on the amp, choosing background (pop, rock, concert hall, outdoor stage, etc. At the time there were 4 channels download that could be linked together to give me a pretty powerful signal one the amp with built in equalizer, and two preamps throughout the house, which was a sprawling ranch style. At the time I had a test bed desktop which was where I loaded the software for all the Insteon products. I tried Wi-Fi extenders without much success. I was pretty much top of the line with my modem/router set up, and an engineer suggested a Net gear 5 port Gigabit Desktop powered switch. The idea was to lower the power consumption by better than half. I did that, changing the location of several control spots, including the Inspiron software control center. The difference was incredible. I was running 3 lines of 1 gig internet to TWO inexpensive test beds, and dropped my overall consumption to a point where I had more power that I actually needed. It took a little experimentation. The Wi-Fi on the motherboards was insufficient to carry a strong enough signal from one end of the house to the other. I threw together another test bed, and split the load. I bought two PCIe Wi-Fi transmitters and the entire set up was the best thing I ever built. With Docis mating together, I often had download speeds in excess of 80 t0 90 Mbps. One thing: The house was 27 years old at the time and had had Dish, DirecTV, and just plain internet. The cables from the box outside looked to be about the same age. I replaced all the cable from beginning to end. There were no less than 18 splitters and plugged in antenna amps throughout the attic. Not one of them had a terminator cap on it, and before I cleaned it out my noise to signal ratio was 59%.After replacing the cable it dropped to less than 25. I wish you the best of luck.
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    I'll keep this in mind when I start on the database searching improvements. Development on that will start shortly after the new beta is released. What I was planning on doing is having it aggregate the user agent information. So it will search through your result details, group the user agents and allow you to do more detailed searches. You'll also be able to select multiple identifiers. So you can select "Android & iOS" for instance or select the inverse to see only desktop and laptop results. If you want to be part of the beta group, vote "Yes" on this topic >> It's an old topic from the last beta of the version you're using today... a fresh beta is coming soon.
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    Fail gracefully when very bad connection

    Update: The new upcoming version of TestMy.net will not fail on all major updated browsers. I've implemented service worker which enables TestMy.net offline... obviously you won't be able to test in that state but it is helping me to make this correct and more useful for you (and myself). Gives me abilities as a developer that I've never had before. I've run numerous batches of tests, purposely disconnecting the internet. The new version has never failed. It will log those events too, doesn't right now but it will. I like your idea for implementation... It will detect when you're online, wait.. check again to make sure it wasn't just intermittent... then test again when it feels it's able to..... might not be able to complete the entire test still but it will try then possibly fail again and restart the re-try process. I can tell the averaging and database listing programs as a whole to ignore exactly "zero" so it doesn't effect host averages or flood public results... I don't know what would happen other wise so better plan for it. Especially since that's a point for clients to purposely negatively affect hosts numbers. (I always want to limit the input received but users... sorry users. Damn bots and hackers ruined your rep.) ...that idea provides a simple way to implement without having to add databases or change database structure. I like that. --- database structure changes can be an extreme headache, especially since I promised since the beginning that I'd retain all of your old results. I'll keep developing. The update I'm on right now started purely as a design venture, the more major feature rich updates are still planned...but I've been stumbling on so many answers it's become far beyond just what people see at this point. There is still so much planned, I'm only including the features that I feel are ready. ... I'd rather be on this new site (all day long). I make TMN first as something I want to use... but I'm hoping to attract more than people of just own own mindset. Anyone still reading this is probably of that mindset. Most will never get as far as you. I want the other 98% to get it too. Hopefully this gets a little closer. For people who have been long time visitors, keep your old browsers on virtual machines. I need your help testing old browsers but also keep in mind that I'm developing for the future, I'm no longer concerned about lagging browsers or wasting my development time around their inconsistencies. I target technologies native to the most popular browsers across the board. If one browser has janky implementation, I may still release it as long as it's not detrimental to the test results or experience. IMHO, Safari is the new IE right now. Annoying. Chrome, Firefox, Chrome on iOS and Android (period) are the best right now. I expect Safari to catch up, sorry, it's not on the developer when everyone else agrees. By the way, I straight up killed most old browsers when I went full SSL. Full SSL is 100% necessary for the future of what TMN is doing. Sorry old browsers. Trust me, I took a hit with traffic. When I see software changing ads in browser or including ads to pages I don't have ads on... that showed me early why we need SSL (https). With SSL that can only happen if the cypher is cracked. To be honest at first I thought, why would TMN need https? Nobody is buying anything from my site or really sending anything truly secure. Uh, think again. Many people may use the same passwords. Hackers can grab that information as you login at a public wifi and then try the same email address and password on google, facebook, ebay, amazon, etc... till they get a hit. So stupidly easy for hackers. Not only that but third party ads may be doing things you don't want... far outside of the scope of common practice (of which some people already may not already want). And again, a third party program can also edit your webpages and add their own content. Above all, they want to make money, usually ad or code insertion is the intent. With the latest SSL people can't do the same malicious stuff. Not to say it can't be done again, it can always be done again. Nothing made by man can be protected from man. What is created from one man's mind can always be decoded in another's. We just need to evolve with the changes. way off the subject... AI teaching itself to make new cyphers and then keeping the true keys from us, that worries me the more I think about it. An AI or AIs will invent their own language that we can't possibly understand in our lifetimes. It will be so efficient that humans can't understand it because we don't work well enough, lol. Take the highest level of cryptography that you can think of exponentially increase that. And then realize that the program that creates it may be so obscure that it could be hiding information from us, making us feel secure when it really has all the power. I say let us humans keep making mistakes and figuring out each other's mistakes and improving naturally. We as humans should always in great detail fundamentally understand our software and hardware changes... it should never be obscured to the point that no human can understand. I worry that we'll let computers do our programming and designing to the point that we'll have little understanding of what's truly under the hood or how to control it. "let the computer figure out how to do that better, it will make it perfect." -- it's cool until it starts talking in a language you can't decode and decides you're not a part of understanding that language simply because you as a human aren't optimal to the system. To a computer, even our VERY best languages are stupid because they aren't optimal and so that's the first thing to go in my opinion. This has already happened by the way, just not to a serious degree. A real AI will be ahead of our moves before we even start moving. Once you know it's happening, it's too late. I'm have to be high on the AI's list now. (haha) I believe our community here is made up of people who set the standard for their own communities in regards to all things tech. We should set the standard by example. Have your main machines always updated and encourage friends to do the same. Hardware and software. Especially software. And especially right now because there have been so many major updates that EVERY browser is agreeing on. They don't normally agree like this. Over 21 years developing in the browser and I've never seen such wide adoption of so many cool new features. What a great time to develop. Anyone who may be still actually reading this and wants access to the beta, just PM me. If you were a member of any discussion on TMN prior to this post you can have access to the early beta too. A handful of our veteran members have agreed to help me even early to make sure we give you a clean release but there are always more bugs that we need help finding. -- we'll find 'em together ...and make some more in the process! Human's Rule. -D
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    YEEEEEEEEEeeHAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaW!!! Only 97% slower than my "city average." Flyin' high in the sky this morning! Doggies! It jez don't git much better n' that ..for me! .. Literally!
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    I respectfully disagree. ...That's 'painfully' slow!
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    You probably don't have Utorrent setup right, as thus get poor speeds. Below is a step by step guide to ensure utorrent is set up right. Utorrent tweaks. For starters, get rid of the latest Utorrent (that you probably have), it's slow and bloated and a POS in my opinion. Download 2.2.1, it's the best version in my opinion. (I have tested a lot) You can get it from here. (see link below) http://www.oldversion.com/windows/download/utorrent-2-2-1-build-25302 Once installed, follow these settings. 1/ Open up Utorrent and go to Preferences. 2/ Go to Connections in the list. 3/ In connections check these settings. Port used for incoming connection 45682 Enable UDnP port mapping Enable NAT-PMP port mapping Add Windows Firewall exception. 4/ Go to Bandwidth and pop in these settings. Maximum upload rate – 1 (best speeds) or 22 (legally best speeds) Maximum download rate – 0 Apply rate limit to transport overhead – Uncheck Apply rate limit to uTP connections – Uncheck Stop transfers on user interation – Uncheck Global maximum number of conection – 1890 Max number of connected peers per torrent – 2329 Number of upload slots per torrent – 14 Use additional upload slots – Check 5/ Go to BitTorrent and check all these settings: Check everything except limit local peer bandwidth. Outgoing: Enabled Allow incoming legacy connections – Check 6/ go to Queuing and pop in these settings: Maximum number of active torrents – 60 Maximum number of active downloads – 63 Seeding Goal minimum ratio – 100% Minimum seeding time – 0 7/ Go to Advanced -> Disk Cache and pop in these settings: Check everything in this section. Override automatic cache size – 500 8/ Go to Advanced and pop/change these settings: bt.allow_same_ip – True bt.connect_speed – 20 bt.enable_tracker – True bt.no_connect_to_services – False bt.send_have_to_seed – False dht,rate – 2 gui.bypass_search_redirect – True gui.delete_to_trash – False ipfilter.enable – False net.outgoing_port – 50 net.wsaevents – 150 peer.disconnect_inactive_interval – 900 queue.dont_count_slow_dl – False queue.dont_count_slow_ul – False rss.update_interval – 20 Click Apply and restart Utorrent. Good luck with it all and let me know how your speeds are afterwards.
  35. 1 point
    Thanks ShakTib It's exactly what was looking for. It shows am capable of 100.0 Mbps of data transfer. I might as well cancel the 250 Mbps plan until I have equipment that can utilize it. You're awesome. :)
  36. 1 point

    New Version Feedback

    With me, it's similar with running speed tests at night, such as while travelling with someone in a car or on a bus. Even with my phone screen dimmed to minimum, a white page background still gives off plenty of light. This is especailly noticeable when I switch back and forth between the signal meter app (Network Cell Info) which has a black theme and then back to TestMy on the web browser. This is where I like the dark theme. On my PC, I'm happy with the regular white theme particularly during the day time. So with me, it's difficult to say which theme I prefer most as it depends on the situation, a bit like giving my preference on whether I prefer the room light on or off. ? Edit: One issue I've run into with the dark mode is the Express Test does not show the progress meter and the percentage stays at '0%' until the test completes: It does this in both Firefox, Chrome and on my mobile Firefox browser also. The does complete successfully despite showing no progress. The regular and fixed block size tests show the progress fine in the dark mode.
  37. 1 point
    Mister J


    Im a newbie sir. Please guide and enlighten me. Thank you.
  38. 1 point

    New version speed test results too high

    Just ran both versions. Both were in the 70-75 range. Then ran each again and similar results in the 70-75 range. This is what I've been getting for months as I mentioned in earlier post, so both seem to report about the same now. The few I got at 100 was nice but perhaps was not real.
  39. 1 point

    New version speed test results too high

    Just tried the old test twice and only got 70-80 Mbps, so something is different ? Then I did another of the new test and got 78 Mbps ??? strange.....
  40. 1 point

    New version speed test results too high

    Yep, seems to be fine for me now. Thanks.
  41. 1 point
    Drip LeBuk

    Auto Test has lost the top banner

    Using the new version I can see the banner appear very briefly while Download Test #1 (256kb) is running (or even more briefly immediately after Test #1 is done), but it's removed as as soon as Test #1 ends or at the start of Download Test #2 or the start of Upload Test #1. Perhaps a screen clear is done instead of a frame clear.
  42. 1 point
    Drip LeBuk

    Auto Test has lost the top banner

    I closed and restarted my browser, still no banner. Rebooted too. In fact I can’t get the auto test to run in the new version. I tested 5min intervals for 12 times for download only and only the first results are listed in Results view for the ConnectID 8079715222787. I’m running Chrome Version 73.0.3683.103 (Official Build) (64-bit) on Windows 10 Home Version 1809 (OS Build 177663.437). I switched back to Old Version and reran this test and it’s all OK.
  43. 1 point

    mobile device testing

    It is if you turn WiFi off.
  44. 1 point
    Would be great to have a small background app that runs Auto Test for long term tests and stats.
  45. 1 point

    Maintenance Window

    Heads up, I will be performing master database maintenance tonight. Should start in about an hour 11PM my time GMT -7. 06:00 GMT this will extend for 3-4 hours. I'm expecting zero downtime during the procedure. You may notice during this time that you're missing the last 24 hours results, these results will appear back in the results once the process is complete. Thank you for your patience.
  46. 1 point
    Hi, I am hoping someone can help me connect to testmy.net speed test site. I have used this site without problem for over a year, but tonight I ran a test, the results were much less than I usually get, so I deleted the results from my saved tests, then reset my modem. After my modem came back up, I could not connect to the site that runs the speed tests. I can connect to every other site I try, including the forum, but when I try to go to the test site, it goes to a page that just says... Connect failed: Connection refused. I have restated my computer, used Ccleaner to clear my cookies and cache, just as I have for years, yet when I try to get the site to load the speed tests, I get a page that says... Connect failed: Connection refused While I can use any other speed test site without a problem even after not being able to use this site to test my speed, and my speeds are right back to the high speed of around 250 that I expect, this is the only speed site I care to use. Does anyone have any ideas that might make it so I can use this site to test my speeds again? Thank you for any and all help you might be able to give me
  47. 1 point

    Test my net

    Done. 154060381465's Speed Test Results
  48. 1 point
    Im on INFOWEST which uses a mini dish which is a radio reciever/transmitter off my roof pointed at a tower for my internet fix. I pay $69 for the Platinum package which is suppose to get my at MAX: 50 mbps...yeah right...its has slowed somewhat to as crawl to 12 mbps lately. I call tech support and somehow they make some changes..and it goes up to max 35 mbps. I dunno if its worth it to pay the mac and maybe I should drop down one tier to 25 mbps at $49. I tried DSL amd its okay but slow from Century Link. Well I am glad for testmy.net and its services!
  49. 1 point

    Export Test Results

    CA3LE - many thanks - will give it a try tomorrow evening (currently running another auto 5 min x 200)
  50. 1 point

    Who testmy.net is

    ...not sure, never been there before. ? Hi DJ, Welcome to testmy.net! Yes, that's all still accurate. Millions of people still regularly use TMN, only a small percentage are members. An even smaller percentage of members actually use the forums here. Before facebook, these forums were much more popular. To legitimize any of my statements all you have to do is search the internet. I feel that other people have scrutinized and legitimized what I'm doing over the years, my methodology and core principals never change. Many have put TMN under a microscope. In my development I put it under a microscope too. Maybe I should post more of those findings but if I focused my time on that... it would have to come from somewhere. I think it's better left said by other people. Funding comes from generous support from viewers like you... just kidding, PBS quote. I have ads. Maybe one day I won't have to. TestMy.net has always been developed and maintained by one person.
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