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  1. I am 3 miles from my tower and only running 80% signal right now. Download :: 194 Kbps 24 kB/s Your Speed :: 194 Kbps With 100% signal when its working ok I do much better of course. You need to find out where the tower is. Best of luck cappy. And I am using a truckers antenna also.
  2. If that keeps up we won't need women anymore.
  3. Fully understandable. And muddy your funny as always. But then I'd act the same way if I was so invested in apple in the first place. Best of luck with it. Hope its all you expected it to be. And with the new windows 8 you may well be right. I hate it. So I am giving it to my kids and getting a referb with windows 7 on it. Be glad when it arrives. It will still run my old programs on it unlike windows 8. Again good luck.
  4. Sorry to see you switch, so what caused it to happen?
  5. I know its not much to others, but my 3G EVDO has bumped from about 130 D/L and .7 U/L to about 270 D/L to about the same .7 U/L. And mine is still umlimited totally. So glad many switched to the 4G and left me more bandwidth. And in the country that rocks with only sat and dial up available otherwise.
  6. I always just hit the X. Like spam if I want to look it up then I'll use the product. I don't need it shoved in my face, do that and I figure its just a pain to start with, why bother.
  7. I just got HP windows 8 machine going the last few days, and yes its a super pain to understand, but no issues I don't run into with every new computer I ever get. I will never own a MAC. I have better things to do with my money.
  8. You might also try craigs list for good used bargains.
  9. So you have 7-11 in your target stores? Send me one if you would. Thanks in advance.
  10. Different browsers for different folks for different speeds, to me it always seemed the norm. Even with the same setups.
  11. Well hello everyone and welcome to TMN.
  12. If only I could get my iphone to cook, do laundry, and clean, I could enjoy living single.
  13. Yes it does sound like he earned it alright. I see you hit your 10K post there muddy. Now I am not alone.
  14. I still use all those free channels if I watch TV. I much prefer the no pay antennae way myself. And maybe one day I will buy a new TV and get rid of the silly digital box. And the antennae is so mobile. Why pay for movies with the internet.
  15. Yes the username sounded familar from a way back. Welcome back. I hope they never exert that much control. To me it will ruin the entire experience. Next thing you know a build would not be possible either. Sounds a bit like china to me. Too much control. I have a feeling the RIAA is in there somewhere. Trade group that claims to represent the U.S. recording industry. More like American SS to me.
  16. I"ll have to try that one out. So far so good. So good to be free again. The fingers are freed. And to think it only took a fewwwww years to get it back. But then it did get me in a lot of trouble back then. But since shug went into hiding it should not be too much trouble ............ oh yeah, momma T is probably still watching me. Thanks CABLE.
  17. * grabs a soda out of the fridge and a popcorn * Let the show begin.
  19. There also was not as much trouble to get into in the old days boys.
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