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tommie gorman

How many people feel strongly about the USA, and what it stands for?  

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  1. 1. How many people feel strongly about the USA, and what it stands for?

    • Yes, a tear
    • Not a tear
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I guess I've always been a Patriot. When my parents used to take us to the Saturday Mattenee around age 9. I would get pissed if I was not there early enough to here the Star Spangle Banner. To this day it pisses me off to here POP Singers massacre the song at sporting events. As far as I'm concerned if you don't like the Ideals of this Country get the F#@& out.

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I don't feel as strongly in a good way about the U.S. as much as I used to, mainly because of what the Bush administration has done to this country. A few examples.

1.He cheated in the 2000 elections, and possibly 2004.

2.Domestic spying. (I'm with NH's slogan, "Live free or die")


4.The so called patriot act.

5.Trying to control the rest of the world.

I could go on....

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If America isn't the greatest why does everyone want to come here?????  Are people flocking to Iraq,  Mexico,  Russia,

Africa, and the rest???  NO.  They are headed to the USA.  LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT !!!!!

ppl are comming here since its a survival strategy - 80% of immigrants will work untill they have for a decent living and go back to their own country :)

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The Uk is smaller then most of your states,we still get around one quarter to one third of the immigrants you do.So clearly not everyone wants to go to the USA Yet it doesn't make me crow about how wonderful we are.Most of you guys are only third or forth generation immigrants from Europe'Asia or Africa anyhow.I think the patriotism thing makes Americans sound unsure of there nation.If you know the US of A is so great,why do you have to keep shouting about it.Surely you would just take it as said.Screaming the greatness of your nation, makes many others recoil and think you are trying to sell shabby goods.like so much coca cola amd Macdonalds Like us in the UK you have much to be proud of and also like us you have some things it's just better to be quite about.I sure as hell wouldn't want to shout about all the invations of smaller nations ,(just like us).I sure as Hell would want to keep George W quite and hope no-one else has noticed him.As well as saving a lot of good things going on in the World,you are also the World's bully,(you have taken this nasty batton from us).Then again you can say I'm just an Irish/Jewish lefty.It wouldn't take any of the truth out of what I'm saying.

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You either love your country or not. As far as I can tell no one here has shouted about how great this country is in this thread Miles_Smiles . EWO had some strong words but he is right. I love my country as does the rest of us here. If you don't like it you don't have to come here PERIOD. My family has been here for many generations and I am a true American Patriot! Sure G.W. has made mistakes but he is only human. He might make more mistakes but he is the president, and until someone else takes office we will have to get behind him.

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By not shouting it loud enough, might we be drowned out by all the bad going on?

Like my wife watching a soap opera, and thinking I am up to something. She see's it and believes it.

Or like a child going into a school and shooting people, and then other people following in his footsteps.

If we stay quiet like we have for so long, are we not just letting it go the way it has for the last 40 years.

We were a much prouder nation 40 years ago.

Miles_Smiles lets have a little preview:

World War I, military conflict, from August 1914 to November 1918

The war began as a clash between two coalitions of European countries. The first coalition, known as the Allied Powers, included the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Serbia, Montenegro, and the Russian Empire (see Russia). The Central Powers, which opposed them, consisted of the empires of Germany and Austria-Hungary. Japan joined the Allied Powers in 1914. The Ottoman Empire joined the Central Powers in 1914, as did Bulgaria in 1915. The same year, Italy entered the war on the Allied side. Although the United States initially remained neutral, it joined the Allies in 1917. The conflict eventually involved 32 countries, 28 of which supported the Allies. Some of these nations, however, did not participate in the actual fighting.


Aug 25, 1939 - Britain and Poland sign a Mutual Assistance Treaty.

Aug 31, 1939 - British fleet mobilizes; Civilian evacuations begin from London.

Sept 1, 1939 - Nazis invade Poland.

Sept 5, 1939 - United States proclaims neutrality; German troops cross the Vistula River in Poland.

Sept 10, 1939 - Canada declares war on Germany; Battle of the Atlantic begins.

May 26, 1940 - Evacuation of Allied troops from Dunkirk begins.

Jan 8, 1940 - Rationing begins in Britain.

July 10, 1940 - Battle of Britain begins.

Between May and November 1940 15,000 people were killed in bombing raids on Britain.

France, Australia, New Zealand and India declare war on the same day followed by South Africa on 6th and Canada on 10th.

The US provided millions of dollars in weapons, armament as well as money itself to the Allied forces.

Many reasons, including that Nazi Germany was sinking American supply ships because the US was providing financial and military support to the Allied troops (England, France, China and Russia).

We were attacked, without warning and without provocation, by Japan. So naturally we declared war on Japan. A few days later, again without provocation, both Italy and Germany declared war on us. So, we gave them all the war they could handle.

President Roosevelt never asked for war with Italy or Germany before the Congress. Instead, three days after December 7th, Italy and Germany declared war on the United States.

In short we are used to being picked on by those we help out, that is the burden of being the US, I guess.

So do you sleep alright not speaking German Miles_Smiles?(or would that be Japanese?)

If that is not loud enough, I could tone it up a bit. "S H O U T"

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tommie gorman...

that IS alot to shout about...we were there and the world is a better place for it...hail american patriotism...hail america...proud to be an american where at least i know i'm free...and i won't forget them men who died that gave that right to me...

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tommie gorman...

that IS alot to shout about...we were there and the world is a better place for it...hail american patriotism...hail america...proud to be an american where at least i know i'm free...and i won't forget them men who died that gave that right to me...

here here!  :occasion14:

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You know what really gets me besides this, we as a nation have come from all over the world. We are a mix, yes a legal mix. So when someone comes and bothers us, are they not also bothering their own brothers? Just a good question to ask yourself while you are peacefully sitting at your computer!  :icon_scratch:

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The USA did turn up,eventually at the great wars.Unfortunately it also likes starting wars,where none are needed---Iraq(twice)Vietnam,Granada,Nicaragua through the back door etc.

Now I'm not beimg un-American just putting some balance to it all

J3GRIZZ--You can tell me to piss-off,if you like,but that reduces the level of debate to kindergarten.As for your analysis of the 2 World wars I think you got it wrong.The idiocy of Hitler starting an Eastern front ,did for the Nazi's.The Soviet Union,(yes we all know it was a pernicious system),had as much,if not more to do with winning the 2nd World war,then the USA.

As for the 1st World war.it was the most pointless of all wars.It was more about a land grab.The Austro-Hungarian and the Otterman Empires were at the point of collapse and all the European nations just wanted as much land and influence as possible.The USA were not a desiding factor.Try reading Eric Hobsbawm's "Age of Extremes----the short 20th century !914--1991"I think the USA and the UK have many deep links.I have had many great American buddies and girl-friends.I just find it wierd that you have this "tear in the eye"at the "Star spangled banner" type of patriotism.In the UK when the national anthem is played,or the Union flag's lifted up the flag -pole,only about 2-3% of people stand or sing along.However I don't think this shows people don't love their country.You love what your country is doing,what it stands for.how inclusive we are and of course it's history.The flag and national anthems are the throw away wrapping----the people are the prize

One difference between the UK and the USA is this.-In the UK if we vote,say to the left and the right wing candidate wins the election,we still disagree with the incumbrant.We don't change out personal political philosophy's to fit in with our Prime-Ministers.In the States,regardless of how you vote.you get behind your President "come what may". Now I can understand there are positive and negative sides to both outlooks.For me personally,I am of the left and I could not put up with 11 years of that arch crone of the left"Thatcher"and "get behind her". She stood for all I hate about the British right.I do however understand the value of getting behind your leader regardless.It also has great risks---the majority of ordinary Germans got behind Hitler and the Nazis.

J3GRIZZ--Just like I could cease to partake of this forum,there are no rules forcing you to read my postings.I like swoping ideas with people even if sometimes I disagree with them.I like the idea of swopping ideas with you and hope you can see things in the same constructive way.If not I won't loose any sleep/

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