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Haha new skin looks awsome =] but that ad banner on the left is annoying as ever... specially with the new flashy ads =p the old google ones were fine though =]

edit: wow, u can "close" the blinky ads! cools! lol only the top banner got messed up now -.-

edit2:nvm its fine now

edit3: poor php... all his work of collapsing the info center is now gone =[

edit4: hmmm... u cant collapse ur own little thingy either... the place where it tells how long uve been online, etc... oh well...

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Thank you...

By the way, I have opted out of image ads with Google (just now). I was unaware untill just now that they were even on here. Text only ads will show now.

Yea I noticed those today too,I thought they were pop ups :haha:

Only good thing about those was you can click on their X and there will be no more ads.

BTW,nice new fresh look ;)

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WHOA this skin looks so cool

theres image ads on testmy.net?

i dont think i've ever seen one :-|

Their  gone now, I never knew that I was opted in for that... Google sometimes will serve image ads if your account says that it's okay.

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Looks really good....hey, was there always a search the forums feature?  If so I never noticed it before.  It really stands out now.

hehe, yeah it's always been there. lol.  Yeah with this theme I tried to make stuff stand out better. 

By the way (I like to give credit where credit is due) the theme was based off a theme called "Puzzle Theme"  Only thing I really used out of that though was the table colors.  I then used some icons from the simple machines website (though I resized them to suit my needs)... a few icons came from the Apollo theme.  And some icons I whipped up myself.  I think the end result was a pretty good theme that goes with the existing testmy.net layout well.

Thank you for the feedback on this.  Good to know you guys like it.

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