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Where Do You Live?

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I was going to visit friends in Florida,

                                                     until I got the directions. :undecided:

:lol: it's 29d 59 m North X 76d 57m West  , as the eagle fly's , and bigger than England ,

I am at 51d24 north  X 0d west ,  Google earth is a great tool IMHO ,  :2funny:

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2 are clueless on the "pearl necklaces"

Ooooh,that makes 3 of us , but I did a goggle search ( pearl necklace) my  :angel: filter kicked in and said this site may make you go blind , get zits and grow hair on the palm of your hand, so I didn't look  :angel:..........................>

Honest, I didn't even peek  :lol:not even a tiny bit ,

BTW,getting back on topic , London  UK  sub , near Hampton Court ( 1 Mile  )


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