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Thanks everyone,

Yeah, it would be crazy if she was born today... because she was conceived on the same day as me too (Valentines Day). Exactly 30 years after I was conceived and born, that would be pretty nuts. ... she is late by 4 days right now, so it could easily happen.

Thank you for the birthday wishes, I can't believe I'm 30. Another decade wiser. Luckily I seem to age slowly so I should look like I'm still in my twenties for years to come. :-P

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I'm late but Happy B-day CA3LE! Hear you have a kid baking to congrats :thumbsup: A lot of fun and stress coming your way hehe. I have a 1.5 year old boy and a 2 month old boy and they are a blast when they aren't driving you crazy! I hope everything goes smooth for you.


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