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Quiz - Which OS are you?

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<a href="http://bbspot.com/News/2003/01/os_quiz.php">

<img src="http://www.bbspot.com/Images/News_Features/2003/01/os_quiz/windows_95.jpg">

You are Windows 95.  You look better than your older brother, but your communication skills are still lacking.  You start well, but often zone out.><br>Which OS are You?</a>

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damnit cant post it

<a href="http://bbspot.com/News/2003/01/os_quiz.php"><img

src="http://www.bbspot.com/Images/News_Features/2003/01/os_quiz/xp.jpg" width="300" height="90"

border="0" alt="You are Windows XP. Under your bright and cheerful exterior is a strong and stable personality. You have a tendency to do more than what is asked or even desired."><br>Which OS are You?</a>

Hey pitbull, you need to copy the image line from your results, highlight it, and press the image button (right above the

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